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    Name change..

    What is the procedure of changing a name in kenya...? Legal minds of ktalk...
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    To anyone planning to Marry that Lanye..

    If the guy knew she was a whore and went a head to plan a marriage...let him's not like she lied to him about who she was.
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    Club melanin

    Yes just a lesser quantity.
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    Followers of Coach Red Pill, you are lost beta males

    Come on now, the guy is happily married with two kids and he's 53 years old of what use is it for him to chase women. Everything he says is in retrospect to what he used to do back in the day when he was a young man not now. Have some humility and you might learn a thing or two from the guy. I...
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    Kenyan Women Cherish Your Freedom -Muslim Countries are jail for women

    Love? Love is a strong word. They might say they do but they don't mean it.wearing black attire in a desert?
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    Georgina makena we know you.
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    Dying galaxy.

    1 light year = kitu 9 trillion kilometers Light travels 300,000 kms per second. To get the time therefore divide 9trillion by (300,000* the number of seconds in a year on earty) to get the Earth equivalence in years
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    Brink of WW3?

    Exactly. Another thing were not for America communism would have claimed much more lives than it did.
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    Penis Enlargement - What's your view?

    If it's 16 cms I don't think the length of your penis is the problem... unless there is something you aren't telling us.
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    Shaka Zulu Is More Powerful Than White Jesus

    I don't think it matters if Jesus is/was White or not...
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    I've been following his show I don't see any racist remarks or actions.. maybe you enlighten me by citing an incident that made you think that.
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    World's First Malaria Vaccination

    Any third party following the argument can understand that you don't know how to articulate your ideas... There's nothing complex about mosquitos if you've studied microbiology...and suppose this idea is " complex" as you claim then you should be able to elaborate it to a primary school pupil...
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    World's First Malaria Vaccination

    I guess you are saying the efforts to eliminate malaria should focus on mosquitos rather than the vaccine...I get your point but learn to articulate your ideas in a clear way.... . on that note maybe as microbiologists maybe that's why they felt they could help alleviate the Malaria by coming up...
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    World's First Malaria Vaccination

    Who said the vaccines stop evolution?? You do realize there are over 40 other vaccines for example the ones that you were vaccinated at birth. Just because they haven't come up with HIV vaccine doesn't mean all other vaccines don't work. Let me use a lay man's example for example we have a very...
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    T What proves that he is a racist...?
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    World's First Malaria Vaccination

    I'm not saying parasites don't evolve I'm just highlighting the fact that since they have studied microbiology, then for them to go forward with the vaccine means that they have taken evolution into account. FYI I'm fairly confident that I know much more about evolution than you think.
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    World's First Malaria Vaccination

    Hmmmm..... don't you think the scientist who are smart enough to come up with a vaccine know a little more about evolution of microbiota than you? I mean... I'm sure they attended parasitology classes before working on a research project in microbiology???
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    World's First Malaria Vaccination

    I assumed most people in this platform are educated. How can you start peddling romours of population control and other trivial stuff to sensitize the public against something that could help the community. Before you open your mouth and start reducing years and years of research to propaganda...
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    Brink of WW3?

    Americans may not be angels but at least they had a moral compass.Power comes with great responsibility which I don't think China or Russia is ready to handle. Foundations and principles of various Government s can be easily be verified by looking at how a government treats it's citizen. It...