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  1. Ibwit

    People daily P3

    @Okiya kijia your daily dose
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    buyer be aware

    Check out for contaminated fuel at Total Mountain view along waiyaki way, hizo meffi wana changanya petrol na kerosine. Avoid fuelling hapo
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    cedia for sale...

    Asking price: 420K
  4. Ibwit

    Uppusy Sacco now open..............tag a talker

  5. Ibwit

    watu wa kimana na loitoktok........ ulevi Sacco ifungukie wapi

    Niko club cabanas Katibu na naekana sacco stage
  6. Ibwit

    Kalembe Ndire,....

    Leo amechapa baba 10,000 mill on sokomoko Ati baba anaenda kanisa kuombewa, analala through out the service, Orengo anamwamsha service iki karibia kuisha ana sema tu "kumekucha" baba enda retire roho safi
  7. Ibwit

    Karibuni to Upuss Sacco. cc@kawambui

    Leo kijiji imenyamaza sana, Karibu to Upuss sacco.
  8. Ibwit

    Looking for spare parts of a Mercedes 220SE Class

    Happy New Year Talkers, Am looking for spare parts of the said car locally, its a 1962 model. Any referrals will be highly appreciated
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    Do we have a talker in

    This was posted here and i found it on the ant-click movement shauri yenyu
  10. Ibwit

    Special dedication....enjoy your weekend guys.

    See you on Monday. am meeting @spax laterz hekaya inakam. To all Amerucans. katambe hadi kwa settings.:):):)
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    Mitsubishi Cedia on sale...

    Engine: 1800 cc Price: 450K If interested holla
  12. Ibwit

    Lawyers in the village i need your advice

    I have paid a guy to do some stuff for me and the guy has delayed the whole process for a 2 months and he just started working on the project and he abandoned it at the start. I have been pushing him and the guy keeps assuring me that he will start working on it, i made a surprise visit...
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    Death Related Fears.....

    whats your biggest death worry Mine #1
  14. Ibwit

    quickbooks gurus

    Help a bro am looking for quickbooks 2010 UK version. I formated a machine then installed the 2010 US version n when I try to load the company file the error is "the file was not created with the US verrsion". I have searched the net lakini UK version ya quickbooks ni noma kupata. Gurus...
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    @bangi iwe huru.......When the weed hits you hard

    And the other guys who smoke it, which is/was your worst case scenario when stoned. :):):)
  16. Ibwit

    9 Gagers on kenyan deportation by trump

  17. Ibwit

    Pimp my ride..

    I would like to do some graffiti on my ride, the model and color is as per the below picture. Talkers your input and ideas will be highly appreciated. @Colombo-Combolo @daerro and other art enthusiasts your input please.
  18. Ibwit

    hehehehe, xaxaxa generation

    @FieldMarshal CouchP uko na gachungwa kama hii
  19. Ibwit

    #wendywaeni on JKL

    Wah si huyo mtoi ako na courage ingine noma she does not shy on camera, kuna ktalkers wengine hapa ama wacha tu.....