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    Ali Korane

    This thread is full of vichwa malenge. Live by the gun, die painfully. AGREED. Murder a murderer. AGREED. Murder a murderer to cover up evidence and to shield his accomplice(s). DISAGREE. Murder a murderer in a police station because "kwani mtafanya?" TOTALLY DISAGREE!
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    Something's fishy here!

    An Arab god that judges and punishes but wants to save them.
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    Another one from Master Fabricators

    But why?
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    Uhuru wants me out, Mwilu tells court

    :D:D Hizo ni zenye ziko huko karibu Doldol?
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    Uhuru wants me out, Mwilu tells court

    Wacha evidence ikianza kuanikwa ndo utajua sisi hakuna pesa tuko nayo na judiciary ni mafia. July 2016 ananunua plot ya 90m cash. A month later, August 2016, ananunua ingine ya 90m. Mimi wameishi wameniitia ya 90k Matuu na imenishinda.
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    Europa League

    Group of death - Group G
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    The biggest mistake Kenyans make is having the 'kiosk mentality' - Bob Collymore

    If I was able to loot a billion, I'd build the biggest and best cancer hospital in the region and charge half what Indians charge. That way instead of a Congolese/Ugandan/Bongolala/Kenyan flying to India they would come and give me their money. Naeza kula na kakijiko my friend!
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    Uhuru wants me out, Mwilu tells court

    That may be. But look at it this way. You buy land using proceeds of corruption (obviously) but a stamp duty fee of 4% hutaki kulipa? How gluttonous can one be? And I say proceeds of corruption because hauwezi amka one lazy Tuesday afternoon and decide to buy a 90m plot in Nairobi cash. Not...
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    Uhuru wants me out, Mwilu tells court

    Uhuru akamwambia adanganye amelipa KRA kisha akamwambia aforge receipts za bank? Mara mbili? Huyu mama hata bhangi anavirutanga...
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    Dealing with these 'send me pics of bobs and vagenes' Indian cretins.

    I once created several fake female accounts on Facebook in order to drive more traffic to my page without paying for promotions. I can't count how many dikc pics, wanking videos, and Facebook calls I received from Arabs and Indians on a daily basis! How do our sisters survive this?
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    Laikipia reaping big.

    Kungu Maitu wanatoanga wapi Ile nyama yote wanawekanga kwa samosa?
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    Possible kunguru

    Did you know gonorrhoea sometimes leaves spots on the skin. Here's a perfect case. Or how did she get pimples on the shins and mazgwembes?
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    Pale Bangkok...

    Ya nini mpige kabati hizo madaflau zote wajameni? Mtu anafungua thread anapatwa na splinters ni kama shrapnel!
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    Torn/Damaged ligaments

    Are you a real doctor or are you a doctor like Dr Dre is a doctor?
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    Jubilee Dev - Renovation of Kenyatta Hospital Paediatric ward 3C

    I'm generally not cynical about my outlook of many things lakini KNH is best described like Talbot Baines describes a certain Bolsover College: "Kenyatta National Hospital was in a bad temper. It often was; for as a rule it had little else to do; and what it had, was usually a less congenial...
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    Wire ropes/ laid ropes

    Thickness and length?
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    Sonko has done it again. Phone recording

    I shudder to imagine what goes on along the "corridors of justice". I know a ka hivihivi magistrate who pays a rent of over 200k on one of his residences.
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    This is Guka.. Bla bla bla.. STFU you fool

    Pia mimi hio ufala nilimshow.
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    The Indian Leso Scam. Mombasa early 1940s.

    You're one of the bongolalas being spoken about.