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    Smoked meat

    I never liked it. Fish flavour is too strong for smoking.
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    Why I lost hope in Kenya and accepted its a shithole beyond redemption

    And if I didn't have respect... boy, am I in the mood to let you hear shit today.
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    Why I lost hope in Kenya and accepted its a shithole beyond redemption

    You are such an arsehole. The only good thing about Somalis is your women
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    Norway is paradise..

    Hawa watu wanaishi America will never understand Europe. No need to waste time. America and Africa mi sionangi differrence in terms of mentality. Juzi nikisema the work I did in Europe. The American African contingent just showed their American thinking. Pia nyinyi UK naonanga mko na hio...
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    Smoked meat

    Yeah smoke cooks slow. One of the biggest reasons I want to finally settle in a farm, is so my sunset years can be spent doing things I actually like. And smoking meat is one of those things. I'll construct a dedicated smoker.
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    Kisumu County gov’t orders all buses out of CBD by January 1, 2021

    They are not the only voice that matters.
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    Smoked meat

    Jaluos have a traditional smoker, made from clay. Tastes even better. The actual big deal is actually just the smoke. SO which wood are you using. Luhyas use maize cobs. It works perfect with chicken. You eat chicken smoked with maize cobs you will never want any other chicken.
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    Smoked meat

    Ni vile hujaonja.
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    If you pay

    Hawa politicians ni washamba tu kama watu wa Ktalk wa "nipe coordinates". He paid for a prostitute from Emali? Drop me in Emali kesho asubuhi, naenda KMTC na jioni niko na student mrembo. I am just waiting patiently for the day my financial plans will align. I'll wreck worldwide havoc.
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    Nissan NP300 expose

    Only @T.Vercetti likes Nissan. The rest of us know how useless they've become. By the way are they still trying to jail that Lebanese ex C.E.O.? What a thuggish company.
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    Explicit Wanawake ni shetani

    I thought you come from a respectable family?
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    Adebayor Sadly Narrates How His Ex-Girlfriend Cheated On Him

    Who really cares if a woman "cheats" on you? I think we live on different planets. I could care less what someone wants to do with their body. No one owns anyone, we all just rent each other's time
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    Mama Uhuru atulie buana!

    I will throw a party when she dies. Blessings tele
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    Toyota to discontinue Premio and Allion car models from March 2021

    Leo nimeendesha Hilux Surf. What a useless car when underpowered. If you are going to buy a heavy car, please make sure it comes with a heavy engine. Driving an underpowered car feels like having a boat on the road. Alafu a heavy car with significant body roll feels like having a clumsy momo in...
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    Toyota to discontinue Premio and Allion car models from March 2021

    I think you are maybe missing 3 more zeroes?
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    Giuliani Leans To Fart Under Pressure During Disposition.......

    When the Lamestream Media wants to caricature you, no low is too low for them. This whole exercise would be comic gold if it wasn't tragic.
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    Lovers of Legendary African Musicians Gani Kali?

    Lakini naona 1 million US for a person of his caliber ni kidogo sana bana.
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    Breaking news- Kabuchai mp dead

    It's not difficult to go abroad for specialized treatment. Visas bado zinapeanwa, ni watu wa tourism ndio imekua difficult to go abroad.
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    Byob Smokies vendor biz opportunity

    They are not interested in your 2250. They want you to push their product for them at your own capital cost. True self employment would be making your own smokies and vending those.