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  1. Yunomi

    Jubilee Development: Wundanyi-Mwatate road.

    I really need to tour Kenya.
  2. Yunomi

    Theresa May announces Resignation

    If Kenya had these types of standards by now we would be on the 4th president since Kibaki left office. Anyways anything bad that happens to kaburu is a good thing. I hope it kills their economy kabisa
  3. Yunomi

    Riwe Riwaro

    We need emoji ya vomiting. :D
  4. Yunomi

    Rihana also known as big behind Riri, secrets exposed

    :oops::oops:sikuwa nimeona it's Kshs 2 million a week. Digi mbona you didn't highlight
  5. Yunomi

    100 salutes to this gentleman

    :D:D Kwanza Hussein ameshapiga vitu for years so it's time to upgrade to a newer less demanding model. The wife hakujuwa she loses her bargaining power once he started sleeping with her. Good luck to her
  6. Yunomi

    Rihana also known as big behind Riri, secrets exposed

    12 people dinner table. I hope she has that many guests otherwise it's a colossal waste of money.
  7. Yunomi

    Okiya Omtata doing God's work.

    When a maggot can't prove it's idiotic statements it attempts to send the opponent on a fools errand. This will not work on me. And now you look bad because you are the one to say things you cannot support
  8. Yunomi

    Okiya Omtata doing God's work.

    Find one thread that I posted the phrase Tano Tena and I will never post another thing on this website. I will fade away
  9. Yunomi

    Diaspora mnaishi kama wanyama

    As a black man living in a place you're not valued it's better to obey the police hata kama you know they're wrong. He can shoot you dead and he will not go to jail for it. No need to sacrifice your life. Racism is part and parcel of USA
  10. Yunomi

    Okiya Omtata doing God's work.

    If this guy manages to make them MPigs refund taxpayers the money they illegally voted to reward themselves then Kenyans will be happy that God hasn't abandoned us. Here is the article Win for Omtatah in MPs' house allowance case The high court has allowed Activist Okiya Omtatah to serve all...
  11. Yunomi

    TBT: Back to the roots ~ Kimilili Edishen

     :oops: :oops:they do that? Here I was thinking ni uchafu ya laziness pekee. It's good sijawahi ingia hizo vichochoro.
  12. Yunomi

    TBT: Back to the roots ~ Kimilili Edishen

    Looks very clean hata I would try it nikakuwa huko. Ukicheki brewing ya kumikumi in Kiambu on TV unaskia ukigonjeka juu ya unhygienic conditions wanaipikia.
  13. Yunomi

    Suicide bomber wearing suicide vest intercepted

    Is something wrong with me for wanting to witness the torture of a terrorist...
  14. Yunomi

    Chakula ya mwanaume

    I am not responsible for what others believe. They can believe what they want to believe. To me rat meat is for the outcasts
  15. Yunomi

    Sex strike looms as deadlock continues

    I don't think bwana ya hiyo ndovu amekuwa na wasiwasi
  16. Yunomi

    Chakula ya mwanaume

    That's my opinion
  17. Yunomi

    Chakula ya mwanaume

    Ukikula panya knowingly you have surrendered in life.
  18. Yunomi

    Imagine kuna watu uingia place kama hii alafu wanaitisha hooves na thubu...

    Nunua nyama ukapikiwe home au pay a little more ukule kitu poa. Afya yako ni jukumu lako
  19. Yunomi


    You are basically attempting to say that because I voted for him and support some of his positions then somehow I'm wrong. That is faulty reasoning. And that's why I attempted to make you see it clearly by bringing in Raila. Your hate for Uhuru makes you not see his positives. Love him or hate...
  20. Yunomi


    Do you agree with 100% of what Raila says and does? If not then you too are just like myself but you won't admit it