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    It has been discovered that many people don't seem to understand that eating crisp on an empty stomach is not healthy. Those travelling tend to buy crisp on their way to various destination thinking that it is a shortcut to either lunch or breakfast when on the contrary it leads to stomach...
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    Lets come up with answers for the following question

    In a world gone to hell?..... a) You've got live like there is no tomorrow b) Even angels carry guns c) Everyone for themselves d) Be a Jack of all trades
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    Advantages of sleeping without watching 9pm news

    It has been discovered that sleeping before 9pm news is healthy in the following ways- 1. No stress 2. No politics 3. No corruptions 4. No arguments
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    The presidents hug which left AU High representative confused

    President uhuru while welcoming the high profile visitors at today's conference made the attendees confused including AU Representative for Infrastructural Raila Odinga when he held a lady tight in the midst of the crowd.
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    When you cant win a fight

    The best way to call it quit in a war is when you are tired but then your opponent pauses to remove his/her shirt. My brother/sister just ran like a thunder.
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