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  1. Ole_Wenu

    Afrojiri sacco

  2. Ole_Wenu

    katika pitapita zangu..

    What did I ever say about shiny eyes?
  3. Ole_Wenu

    Expelled diplomats

    Russia too is expelling 23 British diplomats in a reciprocal move.
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    Citizen TV Kenya @citizentvkenya · 23m BREAKING NEWS: Baby stolen from Kenyatta National Hospital on Sunday found in Kawangware, Nairobi @Eng'iti na wenzako kujeni mjibu mashtaka. Mtoto wa wenyewe mlikuwa mmeiba kwa nini?
  5. Ole_Wenu

    Childhood Disappointments

    This isn't mine but it reminds me of a talker who posted here how he saw his childhood village crush dissaper inside a maize garden, when she re appeared, dude entered the garden to see what she had been doing only to be met by a huge steaming greenish dump. His fascination with her ended there.
  6. Ole_Wenu

    Am not Gay but i hate women

    @SledgeHammer ,between a lactating and a menstruating woman, which do you hate most?
  7. Ole_Wenu

    What would Hefner do?

    Marry any rat that suits your fancy. It's your life and you are the one who will live with it.
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    I Hate to Admit It..........................

    Ile mjengo yako na brother yako imefika wapi? Tupatie update.
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    Please Help. I Will be Much Obliged.

    Was I right or was I not? This kamzee never talked of the project again for the whole of 2017. I stand by my earlier comments. Talkers can decide for themselves.
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    most loathed blocked talkers

    Ukilamba matacore.
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    kisii mps

    Wiper party puts NASA's county assembly plans on hold. And they are making other demands on top. No more taking the flower girls for granted.
  12. Ole_Wenu

    Another one down

    Same with Lotto. I tend to think they pay off random people to pose with those dummy checks.
  13. Ole_Wenu

    Gals here are like this soo unloved??

    How sure are you that they are women? Have you seen their photos and how do you confirm it's them in the photos?
  14. Ole_Wenu

    nice crib

    But hiyo drain pipe inaharibu aesthetics ya hiyo nyumba. Hapo architect alifeli.
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    help me

    Now most talkers are scratching their heads trying to figure out who 'the usual suspect' is.
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    Something that needs to be said that nobody wants to hear

    A clingy woman, an immature woman, an emotionally unstable woman who needs constant reassurance that you are in love with her or that she's beautiful is a disaster to be in a relationship with. That's the kind of woman you should stay very far away from. The moment she starts displaying the...
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    Salgaa aftermath. Stupid solutions

    Unless you are talking about another road, the Southern bypass is dual all the way from Ole Sereni to Kikuyu.
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    How often do you like it?
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    Arsenal inauwa nyoka

    Only Chelsea fans have a reason to celebrate.
  20. Ole_Wenu

    Ruracio Things

    Must you have a personal example for every situation? Mara it's my uncle bla bla bla, my sisters this, my brothers that, my dad, my mum, my boyfriend, my ex, my roommate, my village mate, my flat mate, my drinking pals, my football pals, my driving pals, my sailing pals, my fishing...