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    18+ New Kenyan model or is it socialite..TaKO>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    confirm the mileage........
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    Explicit What I usually tell lanyes

    Savage :eek::eek::eek::eek::saitan:
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    Humbling your neighbours wife is illegal

    someone's else wife is a NO GO ZONE someone's else husband is a NGONO ZONE
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    Is this weather making pple hungry

    hungry and horny indeed
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    ms jackson

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    Bibi ya wenyewe is? a no go zone Bwana ya wenyewe is? Ngono zone

    Bibi ya wenyewe is? a no go zone Bwana ya wenyewe is? Ngono zone
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    Explicit Aki wanaume

    And you got wet?
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    The price of petrol, beer, bottled water, juice and cigarettes will go up by 5.15 per cent next month in line with inflation adjustment. This is after inflation for the month of June came at 5.7 per cent giving the taxman a basis to adjust prices on excisable goods annually. ~ Standard
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    Bro eating my wife

    Kunguruuuuu ama wacha tu. divorce already.
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    Sibling rivalry

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    Deadly Words Used by Women

    Bonus word: WOW - This is not a compliment. she is amazed that one person could be so stupid
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    Deadly Words Used by Women

    “It’s hard to understand women” this phrase is often said by men. Technically it’s true because women usually shift their mood and sometimes not expressive enough to show what they truly feel. That’s why men are having a hard time understanding women, but it doesn’t mean they can’t. When it...
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    Sibling rivalry

  14. kymnjoro

    My Virginity and a Whore

    fvck boi indeed....:eek::eek:
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    Tembea Kenya: Lake Kamau

    Devil’s Eyes, Suguta Valley in Lake Turkana - Kenya.
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    Tembea Kenya: Lake Kamau

    One of the most beautiful lakes you will ever lay your eyes on. Lake Kamau on Mount Kenya. No girl has ever said no to a proposal here even a kunguru!
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    Out and About: safisha mecho

    Nimekuona ukionja kathufu, :D:D
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    Rafiki Movie

    Rink ya torrent?
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    Laser Light 3

    swafiiii.... ebu niwekee rink ya part 2 tafasali
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    This day unko sheith alinidhulumu

    Ama hamjui hivyo? hatujui hivo:D:D:D:D funny shiet there