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  1. Troy yungin

    Safisha pupil.

    White women edition.
  2. Troy yungin

    Picture of the day

    Israeli soldier pushes a Palestinian old man to mosque for prayers.
  3. Troy yungin

    Bey T or Tanasha

    This chick called Bey T has been giving Tanasha donna some sleepless nights, is she a hit or a miss.
  4. Troy yungin

    Thank me later.

    Today's predictions from credible sources.
  5. Troy yungin

    Why Is China Poor in Football

    With all the facilities, sponsorships etc they are still mediocre.
  6. Troy yungin

    RIP Mose Fan Fan

    Legendary Congolese musician Mose Fan Fan has died at the age of 75 today. The musician died of what is suspected to be a heart attack in his apartment along Thika Superhighway in Nairobi. The composer of the Papa Lolo hit had been in the city on a project to record a new song with vocalists...
  7. Troy yungin

    3 killed in Mombasa

    Three suspected criminals have been killed in my area of mikindani by police early in the morning.
  8. Troy yungin

    Simcard Registration

    So i tried registering safaricom sim card with my new ID and it failed, it kept saying the dates on the ID doesnt match the ones in the system. Now i have to go to Saf shop, anyone with similar experience?
  9. Troy yungin

    London Marathon

    London Marathon: records could tumble as Mo Farah takes on rivals Farah aims to put Addis Ababa row behind him with victory in London London Marathon 2019 Sometime shortly after midday on Sunday, it is predicted the men’s record for the London marathon will be smashed. It would be a memorable...
  10. Troy yungin

    Baking soda

    Has anyone come across baking soda in small shops cause most of them seem to never heard of it.
  11. Troy yungin

    Gor mahia

    Gor into quarter final of CAFCC for the first time in 20 years after beating petro atletico 1-0
  12. Troy yungin

    Gunmen attack two mosques in Christchurch city New Zealand

    So far 40 dead and 4 in custody
  13. Troy yungin

    kenya set to host French president Emanuel macron next week

    proposed rapid transit train service between Nairobi Central Business District and the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is among projects expected to feature prominently when Uhuru hosts the French leader in nairobi...

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