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  1. Commonsense

    Alibaba/AliExpress Scams - paranoia or what? Listen to this damsel...

    Jesus, why hasn't anyone ever mentioned this. kwa hizo thread zote, I ordered 3 separate things, after guys here praised it. ningejua it would cost an additional 50% i would have just used Kilimall (free international shipping no kra extra costs)
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    Work on A Ship

    the website is for sale. haifunguki
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    Wendy Waeni exposed

    Ni kama nikuaccuse ya kuiba simu yangu kwa bank, then badala ya kutoa cctv evidence. wewe unatoa video yangu nikivuta bhangi useme ona huyu huvuta bangi. Its just not relevant to the situation, unless unajaribu kudistract watu.
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    Wendy Waeni exposed

    The girls browser history and chat history (if they were her's at all) hazikufaa kuingilia hapa. Instead angepost payment history, then a sue Mama, JK and anyone famous mwenye ameongea. Posting the former screenshots (*irrelevant* info at that time) inamfanya akae guilty, emotional na evasive...
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    Martha Karua for President DP Miguna Miguna

    I remember watching her on TV while kibera was a no go zone in '07, and how she was against the peace deal. I've never listened to anything she said since.
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    Can someone upgrade Their laptop CPU?

    mafundi wa nai waliwai replace processor ya laptop yangu after keyboard ilimwagikiwa na chai- keys zikaanza kustick. noticed when it showed delays booting and processing , kuangalia system info, naona a weaker chipset was inside. bado nakumbuka uchungu na ilikuwa 4years ago.
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    So Black Mirror S5 yes Striking Vipers

    this latest season was disappointing. very disappointing. zote earlier ones were great.
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    Same response
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    After pop, ukishaweka pin ndio error message ameattach kwa original post.
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    Na safaricom customer care hawasaidii, wanasema "restart your phone so we refresh your line"
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    Yangu pia, have been trying to buy something for 2weeks now. Mpesa response is always ..*...Organization receiving the payment is unavailable, try again later* Bei zao ziko poa, shida in wanakataa kuchukua pesa yangu.
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    24/25 yes, no idea where she is, deleted everything moved on, left the slum but still miss it, there was nothing as sweet as boiled beans and chapo (madondo) at 40bob.
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    I stayed in a single room mud house in nyalesh (kisumu slum), rent was 1k. She was hot, 19, very clingy and possessive but loyal. I was 25, employed (barely) after campo + tarmacking and she was hustling from her parents' house. We had started getting serious. One night she couldn't come over...
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    Series for the weekend: The Twilight Zone

    The other episodes aren't any better (except for the racist cop one). Its overall a disappointment... Kama episode. 1-4 of Game of Thrones
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    Explicit WTF.............KUCHUNISHWA

    ....butt cum on guys!! I c what u did there :D
  16. Commonsense

    The Real Story Behind Machete Bob

    No. Just... no
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    Kunguru anataka kufugwa (help needed)

    Hakupendi, she's just desperate. Tell her to go away, u only wanted pu**y and hers wasn't tight enough. Bring other women/whores to the house with u, pay them to show her matharau. pretend she doesn't exist, ambia watchie amfukuze na drama mingi akiitwa Malaya.
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    Captain Marvel vs Aquaman..

    Aquaman was disappointing, wonder woman was average, Justice league was worth watching. DC wamefail. Marvel walishinda kitambo Civil War was bloody super duper, infinity war was super duper extreme, so most likely captain marvel will be super too.
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    The Umbrella Academy

    Me too. Hate it when I get recommendations then I find I find something just ..average..
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    Maji moto

    She is vengeful, she immediately wanted to hurt u (even if she apologizes, she'll still want payback) Don't go back. After 10yrs together,anafaa kukupea benefit ya doubt unless ako na video evidence. Assume mumedivorce na move on au Italia kwa choo