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    " if you wish to close your account please contact us" There! I did! Now do the necessary @admin.... Ama lazima niweke porn ndio mfunge?
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    Do not watch in public!

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    Hata hii ng'oeni! Bure Kabisa!

    There are thousands of constructive sex topics that can be posted here...But because these poor admins are not doing their work mnataka story za Malaya hapa pekee coz its a crowd puller....Sasa ata hamjui, you would do better to turn the whole of kenyatalk to be a porn hub. Hypocrites!
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    A question from me( teetotaller) to you( drukard)

    I am over 3 decades old and have never taken alcohol and never will.What I fail to understand from you drunkards is how you consider drinking fun. How do you enjoy being out of your senses? You go swallow that filth unalala mpaka kesho.How is that fun? Or you start throwing up anyhowly. Who...
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    TBT: When Man Ure were title contenders..

    Manchester is blue!! :D:DHow sweet!
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    Waititi is going nowhere

    Jameni,this will be a circus.County workers/officials watafuata nani?
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    Syria,Yemen,Somalia,Libya etc

    Is there any hope for these people???Do they ever look foward to a purposeful life?It seems mtu akizaliwa his genes are already conditioned for war... What if all these young men fighting were to get good jobs,would they settle and abandon their guns? I really pity the raia in these war ravaged...
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    The rise and fall of Theranos

    Just how could a 19 yr old convince Stanford scientists, investors the likes of Oracle's Larry Ellison, Henry Kissinger etc to believe in a lie and keep at it for a decade???? ... Hii story na ya Enron pia hunibamba sana....sio Kenyans pekee wanajua kuuza hewa...
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    Facing Mt. Kenya

    Anyone knows where I can get a PDF of this book? Link ikuje...
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    Twitter wars on a lazy afternoon...

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    ISO images from torrent sites

    Guys, sasa nimedownload pre activated Windows from Team Os but venye naona its grouped in five .rar files in one folder.Now nimeziextract and I have 5 iso files. Do I burn all into one DVD? Am stuck!. @Deorro?
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    Battle Of The Air Defense Systems: S-400 Vs Patriot And THAAD.....Hapa mzito putin amewanyorosha

    Battle Of The Air Defense Systems: S-400 Vs Patriot And THAAD S-400 Triumf air defense system (Image: Russian MoD) The American-made Patriot and Russian S-400 Triumf air defense systems are currently hogging international orders despite their price tags running into billions of dollars. While...
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    The science of peeing and pooping in space...

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    For the DIYs enthusiasts

    I want to change my TV remote to universal or make a universal remote from scratch..ideas zikuje sasa...
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    Dreams and their meanings..

    Has anyone of you ever dreamt something and it came to pass?Usidanganywe na science, dreams( not yet known whether it's all or some) have meaning and are spiritual. Dreams are one medium through which we interact with the unseen world.Now they might be from God or from the other fella( Depending...
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    Okash wafunge kiosk bila kusumbua

    Since when did loans penalties exceed 100%?? I deliberately got one from these conmen this yr.. 2K sasa imekuwa 5k n counting...:(:(