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    How much do you love your mom?

    sasa huyo mathe alikuwa anajidai jasiri na mbona akatoroka? no offence lakini hata mimi ningewachana na yeye ajibambe aki miss mawe alafu atorokee at long last... women myself included are the biggest cowards but sometimes we run head on to danger juu tunajua there is someone behind us protecting
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    Slow weekend

    seems you know plenty than you actually do
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    Slow weekend

    but full of questions heard somewhere god says i am everywhere and nowhere , to the edge of the universe and beyond. Where is beyond? is it heaven? How old is He even? These creations of His of the galaxies ? smh?? saaasaa?? And who was God talking to when he said" let US create man...
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    Explicit Ayesha Curry wants Male Attention

    second pic made me think of angelina jolie
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    Toeni verdict

    hehehe hio dpic yako iko funny
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    I Have Changed My Mind

    Cant register shit
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    Finally, a Mkalenjin with an akili...He doesn't tambua Liwe Liwalo & other Shenanigans

    alafu jinga iniambie nichukue huduma namba chieth.. I hate the government and whatever shit they brew these days
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    life is what you make it

    I can also swear on my goodness. This of the little secrets you should know. Once you give out, you will nevermiss a source of income
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    Wanawake wenzangu

    Please dont talk so much when under tension most probably under influence from a daring ex or husband or even boyfriend. Some have mental disorders hidden behind their friendly facade. About an hour ago, I watched an episode in disgust. Here is how it went down. Woman : wewe usinishike...
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    It's funny the things we choose to believe in

    jesus came for the israelites but they neglected Him and so God included us all
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    Question here

    Guys can you marriage us unless someone who is did not that when is for?
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    Alpha Male

    ladies please
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    No offense lakini ukona ujinga madam
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    I personally do not give a rats ass.
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    What is this nonsense

    lakini unatwambia nini sasa na hatuna bob zako
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    Huduma Namba 666 fighting back

    dear one your brain capacity is as your name suggests
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    Ivy's send-off.

    Heard the deather one was a hiv spreader.. mara cash eater. Mara merciless player .. mara a cheat. so many titles for one . *sips warm coffee *
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    Unaenda testing after every 3months surely? Utapata tu chenye unatafuta
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    Shoka/axe/ gathanwa challenge

    Heard the lady was a hiv victim. perhaps they are trying to justify her cruelty and what they think she deserved
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    Yengs amekataa kugive up

    yeah. i would never do that