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  1. DeepinYourLady

    Lawyers wote kujeni hapa

    Is there a way that you can compell an institution to display your answer sheet?I suspect some fishy business going on.
  2. DeepinYourLady

    Have you ever...?

    Forged a document?If yes who was your guy?
  3. DeepinYourLady

    Game 7

    Can't wait for this game. Tip off at 0400hrs
  4. DeepinYourLady

    Accomodation in Nanyuki

    I need leads on this query. na price ya bed and breakfast.
  5. DeepinYourLady

    Nba finals game 4.

    Can airtel unliminet stream hii game ama niwachane nayo.this is an urgent matter.