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    Maryland USA, State Where Kenyans Exported Their HIV Epidemic To

    which is worse between between Cancer and HIV?
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    Safaricom CEO passes on

    A millionaire, married to a Kikuyu woman.....
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    Xenophobia against Tanzanians: Reaction from Dar

    Bagamoyo Port....
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    Xenophobia against Tanzanians: Reaction from Dar

    Kenya plays Tanzania kesho Last game TZ lost to Senegal tension....
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    Low IQ kenyans become victims of racist jungu

    crazy ass crackers aka Wazungu
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    Xenophobia against Tanzanians: Reaction from Dar

    We all know how wabongo feel about Kenya and Kenyans in their country. Truth is, they hate Kenyans than Chinese, Indians, Arabs and Wazungu (CACS), the latter are now labelled as mabeberu in the wake of Magufuli crusade against colonizers/imperialists (BrettonWoods Institutions, Western linked...
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    Low IQ kenyans become victims of racist jungu

    Kenyans love their CACS
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    Wow!!!! This man Paul Kagame

    put that CAC in her place
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    So why did Trump pull back from a strike on Iran?

    Trump asked Bibi netanyahu: Do you know how many Americans will die if i strike Iran? Bibi netanyahu to Trump: That is a sacrifice Israel is willing to Make.
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    Magufuli has done what Uhuru couldn't

    Tells Chinese to F off Background: Tanzania President John Magufuli has indefinitely suspended plans to construct what would have been East Africa’s largest port in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, after disagreeing with Chinese investors on the terms of the highly ambitious infrastructure project...
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    Sonko Namwaga mtama..

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    Paul Kagame is urging Africa leaders to ignore IMF warning and go ahead to implement Africa free trade agreement

    In May this year (2019), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned that African countries could face revenue shortfalls if the continent starts the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) as planned. The IMF maintained that, although the agreement will boost...
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    Otieno Gerald from Rich Gang Kenya finally arrested (jopap)

    should have learned from this man....WANJIGI that is
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    Mazishi ya Dr Mengi ni leo. Sneak a view at his Machame home

    How about Jimmy Wanjigis crib? should be interesting...
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    South Africa summarized!

    Ardhi, the most sensitive topic in Kenya
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    Welcome to Kenya

    walonacho...wanazidi kuongezewa
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    Welcome to Kenya

    Ukabila Mambo leo
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    Reginald Mengi is dead.

    This man has more answers than Kylnn