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    Slow weekend

    but full of questions heard somewhere god says i am everywhere and nowhere , to the edge of the universe and beyond. Where is beyond? is it heaven? How old is He even? These creations of His of the galaxies ? smh?? saaasaa?? And who was God talking to when he said" let US create man...
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    Wanawake wenzangu

    Please dont talk so much when under tension most probably under influence from a daring ex or husband or even boyfriend. Some have mental disorders hidden behind their friendly facade. About an hour ago, I watched an episode in disgust. Here is how it went down. Woman : wewe usinishike...
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    Question here

    Guys can you marriage us unless someone who is did not that when is for?
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    Hey witches

    Imagine sijapata maua leo *sobs*
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    Happy new year ;). Najua hamjanimiss. heartbreakers:mad:
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    Haki wewe

    If we tell you the above, please know uko quarter final:)
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    Hey admin

    nice job.:)
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    miss me? :p
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    Nakuru vibe is on. Who is around? ;)
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    Hae Men sissies

    Hoe was your day? I just want you to know i support vera. Whatever you men eat shrinks that little person down there. anyway , i spotted some attractees here :):)... So Fresh @Phylgee @Shiroe @Nefertities @Purple @Phenomenal Woman @Jennifer @Chloe who'd i miss
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    I hate men

    Mostly here, yall rude:confused: just my little time and i gathered the traits of this men @gashwin - Insultive, Family problems @Mundu Mulosi - Bully @Mathaais - Noisy, the rest are all rude you disgust me , :(
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    I am a lesbian and you know what? .. I am for real , please ask the society to stop prejudice. love yall;):cool:
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    Hey guys