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  1. Mbo-I-kamiti

    Finally hekaya imeiva

    It's never that serious ... :D:D:D:D
  2. Mbo-I-kamiti

    @abba's latest crush eva okello

    wah! pass
  3. Mbo-I-kamiti

    Dark web

    vitu zote ambazo watu hudread, sidhani bado iko eg body decomposition in stages ... 1 day, 3 days, 1 week, 4 weeks etc
  4. Mbo-I-kamiti

    Dark web

    used to visit a site kitambo called i just hope it stopped existing :confused:
  5. Mbo-I-kamiti

    Dark web

    they had to hide him on N ... Nigga plizz
  6. Mbo-I-kamiti

    Am so inclined to agree with this man

    its the sad reality
  7. Mbo-I-kamiti

    Si haka kachali hufeel vizuri aki?

    that niccur needs a bath ...ASAP!
  8. Mbo-I-kamiti

    True Love

    ohhhh.. what about the patriarch?
  9. Mbo-I-kamiti

    True Love

    sahii that 24 year old has hit menopause with glee :D:D:D:D ... don't mind the old geezer
  10. Mbo-I-kamiti

    Balut, strange food from East Asia

    Wanaipika ama wanaimumunya tu ikiwa raw?
  11. Mbo-I-kamiti

    Hey critens

    As in unaskia tu dizzy in the house? The best solution is to lie down flat for a while ... cretin
  12. Mbo-I-kamiti

    Burning the dead. Is it really such a wise idea?

    Its all in your mind ... afterlife is a mystery but all I know once you are dead the body fades and consolidates into nature, huwezi tolewa kwa petroli tena... btw, I loooove the meanwhile
  13. Mbo-I-kamiti

    Ndiye wameanza Uchawi.... Safaricom rolls out new “reverse call” feature

    Easy easy ... it could be an easy lay, let them come! :D:D:D:D:D
  14. Mbo-I-kamiti

    Subaru Forester Vs Subaru Outback

    Which page is this? I would like to see more of the outback
  15. Mbo-I-kamiti

    Ndiye wameanza Uchawi.... Safaricom rolls out new “reverse call” feature

    u seem to be well versed ...smokin wanjala :D:D:D
  16. Mbo-I-kamiti

    death loop e3 2019..... mliona hii?

    hio ni kijana ya will smith
  17. Mbo-I-kamiti

    Osheni mkiwa toilet

    Wipe from back to front !? Doesn't sound right
  18. Mbo-I-kamiti

    Assuming you weren't doing what you do...

    cum again?
  19. Mbo-I-kamiti


    i don't like the seeds ...
  20. Mbo-I-kamiti

    Pozzee kwisha

    seems fake, sounds fake