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  1. Straw man

    Kitaeleweka: I Have Already Reported!!!

    Hapo Ggaba beach wanauza very tasty fish.
  2. Straw man

    Hi All

  3. Straw man

    Taming Tabitha Karanja

    Yaani thumu?
  4. Straw man


    The real mzigo we have is the fact that the so-called middle class in this country have refused to engage in politics, leaving our fate in the hands of illiterate hawkers and other idlers who vote in their likes, e.g. drug dealer like Sonko, 001 and common thieves like Waititu.
  5. Straw man

    Conmen wamezidi

    Asante Kwa kunishanura boss.
  6. Straw man

    No EXams In Primary - Uhuru Is Unbelievably Dumb

    We understand Arabs of Dadaab Refugee Camp wouldn't see the importance of the exams, they are firmly focused on the 72 virgins in the hereafter.
  7. Straw man

    We need prayers as country

    Alikuwa anataka kwenda wapi?
  8. Straw man

    Kugeuziwa na Peasants

    I came to Laikipia intending to help grow this place with help from neighbors. Little did I know that these villagers have their eyes focused on you from the word go. I was first sold 10 bulls each at 15k for fattening. After 1 year I sold them for 10k each. I had been conned. The bulls should...
  9. Straw man

    Manze dont ever go into kamiti

    Your father included. You are such an arsehole. Not every man is like your worthless father.
  10. Straw man

    Waiguru: Mt Kenya is ready to support Raila

    These people have no idea just how much Uhuru is hated in Central right now. Whatever he tries to pull off is bound to fail badly. Kukosa akili ni kitu mbaya. Gathecha hana akili. Ulevi tu while the country is being raped left right.
  11. Straw man

    This Shafting must come to an end : Peasants must wake up

    Arabs are shit. Somali "Arabs" are last year's dog shit. The bastards cannot manufacture their own weapons. They use mzungu weapons to fight the same mzungu.
  12. Straw man

    Dude Slapped Silly...Wanna Sue Utumishi Kwa Wote.

    I hear this former MP was asking for directions to Kenyatta National Hospital. He must have been very drunk.
  13. Straw man

    Rwanda focuses on Beauty. I want to visit there

    Anyone would look intelligent compared to our drunkard.
  14. Straw man

    Rwanda focuses on Beauty. I want to visit there

    Us we have taken our pigs to watch dolly parton! Nani kama sisI?
  15. Straw man

    1st August 1982

    Thank you Sir. Good read.
  16. Straw man


    It's raining fwogs.
  17. Straw man

    Rwanda closes border indefinitely as EBOLA advances

    Kama hujasalimia Ushuru, Baba na Arap Mwizi hakuna kitu utakuwa umesaidia.
  18. Straw man

    Glyphosate in Weed Killer

    I have seen people spray half-dead, ill- formed cabbages like today and the next day the cabbages are all bursting with "good health" and ready for the market. There are some pesticides which have been banned in Kenya but the farmers here are able to have them smuggled from Tanzania. Moreover...
  19. Straw man

    Glyphosate in Weed Killer

    Some of my neighbours do take milk to the dairies every evening. It's collected from their gates by nduthi guys and pickups. Once the milk is collected together inapigwa dose ya hydrogen peroxide, it can last a long time after that dose. As for cabbages, I feel sorry when I see Kenyans eating...
  20. Straw man

    Glyphosate in Weed Killer

    Do not under estimate the effect of these chemicals. Most vegetables are grown with huge doses of chemicals. I stay in shags and I cannot eat cabbages grown around here. Mboga inapigwa dawa Leo na kesho it's in the market. Dairies give milk collectors a dose of hydrogen peroxide to add to milk...