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  1. Commonsense


    I stayed in a single room mud house in nyalesh (kisumu slum), rent was 1k. She was hot, 19, very clingy and possessive but loyal. I was 25, employed (barely) after campo + tarmacking and she was hustling from her parents' house. We had started getting serious. One night she couldn't come over...
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    Anyone tried to buy from masoko the past four days? Nimejaribu nikachoka everything i tried from discounted headphones to keyboards failed. I even used different browsers. Jumia haisumbui hivi.
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    Masaibu Ya Airtel money agents

    Almost half of the airtel money agents weren't paid commissions for august without any explanation/communication from airtel. bado hawajui.
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    Interoperability Mpesa, Airtel, Tkash

    I think airtel (airtelmoney) and telkom (tkash) have been out maneuvered by safaricom (mpesa). They'll end up losing agents ( unless the mobile money interoperability extends to agent-customer transactions, it shouldn't be just customer-customer, because the latter favors mpesa-specifically...
  5. Commonsense

    Single Mothers 1

    I watched a show where a gov doctor was explaining the prevalence of rape in Kenya today. They stressed on the girl child of a single mother being one of the most preyed upon groups; the mother being lonely, more agreeable(i.e. easier to manipulate and control) etc and (sometimes) financially...