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    Xenophobia against Tanzanians: Reaction from Dar

    We all know how wabongo feel about Kenya and Kenyans in their country. Truth is, they hate Kenyans than Chinese, Indians, Arabs and Wazungu (CACS), the latter are now labelled as mabeberu in the wake of Magufuli crusade against colonizers/imperialists (BrettonWoods Institutions, Western linked...
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    Magufuli has done what Uhuru couldn't

    Tells Chinese to F off Background: Tanzania President John Magufuli has indefinitely suspended plans to construct what would have been East Africa’s largest port in Bagamoyo, Tanzania, after disagreeing with Chinese investors on the terms of the highly ambitious infrastructure project...
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    Paul Kagame is urging Africa leaders to ignore IMF warning and go ahead to implement Africa free trade agreement

    In May this year (2019), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) warned that African countries could face revenue shortfalls if the continent starts the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) as planned. The IMF maintained that, although the agreement will boost...
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    South Africa summarized!

    Ardhi, the most sensitive topic in Kenya
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    Welcome to Kenya

    Ukabila Mambo leo
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    John Githongo

    Usiku kamwe hauwezi geuka mchana
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    Disagreement over Bob Collymore’s successor

    Mwendo mdundo ...wataelewa tuuu
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    IDEMIA Securities

    The French Technology firm IDEMIA Securities, has been blocked from doing business in the country for at least 10 years. Who is the tenderpreneur behind this company? Anyone know how much they've made in this country?
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    Chinese loans: Is the well of credit really bottomless?

    I had higher expectations from The East African Editorial. nothing new here no detailed analysis on the subject same old recycled arguments ___________________________ East Africa's leaders and senior bureaucrats arrived in Beijing early this week for a meeting with their counterparts from at...
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    Emigration: Canada’s Prime Minister Begs Kenya President For One Million Immigrants

    This has been making rounds on WhatsApp but quick google search found another link from Daily Nation. So how does this work? I mean the whole process,Immigration lawyers, costs etc au inakuwaje?
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    This is a Ministry under President Magufuli

    In 1973, after a nationwide party referendum, the Tanzanian government announced that the capital would be moved from Dar es Salaam to a more central location to create significant social and economic improvements for the central region and to centralise the capital within the country...
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    Nanyuki residents' got together in a fundraiser

    in efforts to stop the Mt Kenya fire.
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    The dictator of Tanzania

    Thoughts on how we should deal with this dinosaur?