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  1. nobert

    Chukua selfie advert

    I have been trying to understand the purpose of it na sijawahi ielewa. Who can expound on it?
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    Kibera has the following to choose from. I hope wananchi wameamka round hii hakuna mambo na sympathy vote ama mtu wetu 1. Imran Okoth. 2. Eliud Owalo. 3. Owino K'Otieno. 4. Kennedy Odede. 5. Elizabeth Ongoro. 6. Irshad Sumra. 7. Edwin Sifuna. 8. Catherine Okoth. 9. Ruth Odinga. 10. Ochieng'...
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    Hii maneno ya Domestic Solar

    I had installed a basic home power ya solar, battery na inverter huko january, and even though it has never performed to my expectation (kuisha before adult hour ifike), of late imekuwa worse. The battery drains so quickly and get full fast too. It was a new chloride exide car battery NS70MFR...
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    Ameniambia she needs a break, eti ya two weeks. Hehe, good thing I have been waiting for that from her since i have always seen the signs. Good riddance.
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    Swali tu

    Is there an outbreak of lesbians? Or has it been there and now they just don't hide it anymore?
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    Say Hi

    This feature of Messenger whenever you add a new friend telling you "Say hi to your new friend" has some benefits if you know you know.
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    Away Match

    Wadau, kuna landwhale imeniita mechi huko Arusha, na huwa navuka na my normal passport. Since hii mambo ya renewal ya e paspport itokee sijawahi bother kuiapply, watanisumbua namanga border ama nitafute tu ile ya mwaka moja?
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    Georgina Makena

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    Proof of Facts

    Is there a way safaricom can prove that the data were purchased with malice? What if my intention was to utilize my bonga points and they decided not to take them?
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    Women's Forum

    Hehe, I was browsing CNN and I got interested in a certain story hapo chini ya page yao, clicked it and was all over a site just for women to open up and speak on bedroom affairs. I know huwa hamclick but just try this once if you wanna know some of their secrets Ghanian women...
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    Help -Disk Format

    I have just cleaned and partitioned and formatted a wrong flash disk, can i recover the files? 30 GB of data gone. Saidieni wadau.
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    Bro Code

    what would you do if you find your cousin hitting on your girl? A case is presented where the cousin started hitting on the girl while your relationship was still blossoming, thereafter breakup happened and they are still moving on with their fling, despite the fact that both you and the cousin...
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    Local Tour

    Hello wadau, I have always wanted to travel this country, and my main focus is on the southern most end of Kenya, Vanga and Shimoni towns, just to enjoy the views and the thought that this whole country is "above you". Any idea on dos and donts? What of the damages for someone coming from...
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    Comment on topic before reading

    @admin and the crew, if we can have an option of replying to a thread without opening it's content then you can save us a lot from some upussy threads. Sometimes you just read a thread headline/title and a flash answer comes to your mind but on opening you find akina @under23 and @panyaste...
  17. nobert

    Another Elephant in the room

    I have seen threads about Galana Kulalu, SGR and other corruption blah blah. Another issue that I wonder what Jubilee is planning on achieving anything with is this one week half term that has affected even day primary schools. It is just not helping. After sitting down with some teachers, they...
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    Closing the taps

    For sure I haven't had a short supply of puthy wherever I am, the kienyejis never disappoint since i developed a liking for them. As things stand now, i need to close the taps as I am pursuing other matters of importance. What is the best way of just telling them that you are no longer...
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    Wadau saidieni

    Am a man from the Great Lakes region, the real river lake nilotes. Currently i am dating a lady from the great south western part of Kenia, a mtaveta. She meets all the qualities ama ukitumia village lingua a fine ghel, a dark skin petite (ebbrufication msiniulize this is a serious case omera)...
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    Mazda Demio

    The car in front is no longer a toyota now but this. Every corner and parking lot and after every 20 metres of traffic you find this car. Kwani inatumia kerosene @1L/100km?