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  1. WongNamba

    Secret millionaire wives: Poor husbands die not knowing their women were rich

    In a divorce case in Western Kenya, a man with four fishing boats divorced after discovering that his wife secretly owned 12 boats :D Henyway lea watoto poa na ujibambe concurrently to the utmost. Zingine ni hekaya. Set your kids up for takeoff na wakienda don't worry about them lookin back...
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    :D hahahaha
  3. WongNamba

    Have you witnessed a family member or friend pass on?

    They see the angel of death when it's about time.... They won't speak of it's presence, and if you are near they probably don't want you to see them taken. So hua unafukuzwa tu polite. When you are near death (end of life but with enough sense not to trouble others with visions of supernatural...
  4. WongNamba

    Mtu huniambia ni employed namuonea huruma

    Nirushie smokie pasua this morning niko na craving ngori ya hiyo burungo
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  6. WongNamba

    Bonobos Fighting in Westlands

  7. WongNamba

    Cheap Desperate Property Floating In Kenyan Market For Those With Floating $$$

    True true... Hapa ni watu wa illicit cash who would take up the properties. Also, na hizo reserve price zao no wonder nobody is willing. No value for money
  8. WongNamba

    Bonobos Fighting in Westlands

    But such rage between a male and female ingeendelea bila outsiders and in a private environment hao watu wawili would have ended up shagging ile serious dry fry. The sexual tension eez palpable
  9. WongNamba

    Bonobos Fighting in Westlands

    :D ghaseer nailed it! That classic English voice from the animal documentaries za 80s that would be rerun on KBC the other day :D
  10. WongNamba

    Swali kidogo for those who know

    Quotas, godfathers and money. These are king. Ingine ni bahati nasibu to hoodwink the naive
  11. WongNamba

    Predictive Algorithm.

    Chaotic behaviour is exhibited in all natural systems... A small change in starting conditions (infinite range of variables) can bring infinitely different outcomes however subtle in a system ndo maana Man City kichwa is bound to fail occasionally
  12. WongNamba

    Cheap Desperate Property Floating In Kenyan Market For Those With Floating $$$

    Yeah nimeshika gazeti baze and several pages full of property up for grabs. Dire straits yo. Maybe the smart money sio kubuy plot na kujenga ila to wait for some of these and renovate accordingly to taste? No mega hassles, permits, contractor issues
  13. WongNamba

    Time we helped uganda remove the dictator!

    Thanks chap for the thread summary
  14. WongNamba

    Bonobos Fighting in Westlands

    A keen behavioural scientist will have noted this sly fisi pulling off the "simp tactic" :D
  15. WongNamba

    Mary of Magdalene appears in ukambani

    Naiweka tu out there labda kuna mse hapa atafaidika na huu ujumbe
  16. WongNamba

    Bash ya mababi

  17. WongNamba

    The end of the world is near

    Don't forget the breadbox
  18. WongNamba

    Groups za maexpose

    DCI trap
  19. WongNamba

    18+ Youth Holiday Drama