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    Is it Cheating if she is sleeping with another woman?..... Mimi nawashwa kidogo.

    You faggot. Get the d*ck out of your mouth before you begin to talk. Unakuanga na umama mob. This is no contribution. Upuzi tupu. The problem is that you are an old jamaa having fantasies of a 13 year old. Kila wakati baby mama this baby Mama that. If you worked harder in your youth ungekuwa...
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    Mnajua Quotes?

    Si ulikuwa umesema hatutafanya kitu
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    Deleted post, Reason Pornography...

    The admin is a virgin. This to him is pornographic content.
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    Afrojiri SACCO

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    Real Estate Gurus

    The logic is money.... The ability to afford it.
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    Ahem! Village Sponsors

    Did that face instantly turn red?
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    Niko na swali.. Slow Sunday.

    :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D..... Yaani umetukana mtu na babake kwa line moja on a Sunday? Mbinguni utaskia tu
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    After 120 + days Aunt Flow is in the area

    Na mbona umeita mtoto wako THOT?
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    Most happening place in Eldy

    Umeuliza swali na ulikuwa na majibu?
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    Most happening place in Eldy

    Club signature. Main highway. Ongeza angle nishughulikie bibi omwami
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    Ndio haka kale kasichana karandan

    Akifunguliwa chupa
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    Ktalk going to the dogs

    What the f**k is that.
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    How A sexy Spy exposed NYS Scandal 2 . KenyanSpy Blockbuster!

    Sinaga sister mjamaa. Wacha uchokozi. Chokosh wars tuwachie wanaojua.
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    Photocopy scam at DCI good conduct application

    Hata kwa police station canteens vile vile.... Abstract katoe copies mbili.
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    How A sexy Spy exposed NYS Scandal 2 . KenyanSpy Blockbuster!

    Ile kitu imenishangaza ni kwanini unaenda lunch out of town pekee yako?