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  1. mishale

    Olunga will earn Ksh 6.6M per month

    kila mtu ako na bahati yake. kaa parents wake wangekata acheze ball na wa insist afuate career yake ya kua Engineer, sahi angekua analipwa kitu 60k ama 100k kaa ako na bahati. at times it might pay off to pursue one's dreams.
  2. mishale

    Kweli kabisa

    ata primo ilkua hivyo. ati niachilie muone. mukiwachilia, hakuna vita inafanyika.
  3. mishale

    liverpool finaly put in their place , Manunited inakamua nyoka

    :D:D:D ata sahi mko number 1 kwa bottom half of the table. but ligi bado ni changa. anything can happen. team ikipoteza game mbili na ingine ishinde mbili, iko top 6.
  4. mishale

    liverpool finaly put in their place , Manunited inakamua nyoka

    :D:D:D:D good luck Arsenal. tangu mutuchape, mambo imekua sawa kwetu.
  5. mishale


    wewe. si juzi we have been told that we can all be presidents? we have seen sub-counties fighting to host the county headquarters, constituents been subdivided, calls for counties to be sub divided..... we are already a divided nation so reducing the number of counties might be out of order
  6. mishale

    This is sad.

    there was a story recently in one of our local channels where a father had i think 6 kids who all had a deformity that cannot be treated. it reached a point where the doctor advised him against having more children and the children having children as they would pass the genes. its unfortunate...
  7. mishale

    Sergio ramos, Eric Bailly Partnership

    this would be a big loss to Madrid. this guy has won a couple of games/titles with his lone goals. but he's one to score an own goal, then score for his team, then gets a red card all in the same game.
  8. mishale

    liverpool finaly put in their place , Manunited inakamua nyoka

    thanks for the predicted win, but recent predictions ended with the predicted winner losing. na kuunga mkono that Man City will win the league, but it's still early days. Everton/Leicester/Tottenham might string successive wins and clinch the title. the winner will be the team that strings...
  9. mishale

    Gridlocks/ Traffic Jams are entirely manmade hata gorofa tano za expressway won't solve the problem

    gridlocks are everywhere even in 1st world countries or countries without Bonobos. jam haitawahi iisha as long as everyone has the freedom of buying a car and we all access the same services at the same time in the same location. countries have triple-decker highways, 6 level interchanges, 6...
  10. mishale

    ndio na roast supper

    no its Micymas Supper
  11. mishale

    This is sad.

    but that works/makes sense when we were in the jungle. we have modernized our way of life and that entails we modernize everything. even having children.
  12. mishale

    Man United vs Liverpool FA 4th Round

    ball ukua hivyo. mnakuanga on high spirits, mnacheza poa, then boom, mnapatwa game moja munakimbishwa vibaya. wacha tuone leo vile kutaenda. tukidraw ama kuchapwa, Liverpool watatuwahi pia natujue ata top 4 itakua bahati. but saa zingine ni poa mchapwe ndio mtulize ego
  13. mishale

    Man United vs Liverpool FA 4th Round

  14. mishale

    Man United vs Liverpool FA 4th Round

    4th Round Big Game 5th Round Draw
  15. mishale

    Groups za maexpose

    uliza Truman
  16. mishale

    Advice wadau.

    and you know it only takes Men to rise and take their rightful position to stop it. but here we are
  17. mishale

    Religious texts are poetry not prose

    it's unfortunate some texts/messages/passages/books were omitted/rephrased/spruced up.....
  18. mishale

    Some Chill 2020 Movies You Might Have Overlooked

    good for you. me i just watch on youtube. downloading and storing all of them would require lots of space. but cartoons will always be enjoyable and relaxing to watch.
  19. mishale

    Appreciating Birdman and Lil Wayne

    fire meeen. my girl cant wear that, coz that's were my stash at