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  1. Nostradumbass


    #STOLEN We've seen this before. Christians are obsessed with homosexuals probably because Jesus might have been g** himself. He never married. He had 12 boyfriends. He forbid men to have lustful thoughts about women and required his men to put him first. He especially loved John more than the...
  2. Nostradumbass

    UFC #225

    I know its abit late kuongea kuhusu ufc #225 juu iliisha like 8 hours ago... Truth be told,ilikuwa fine thank you...and CM Punk returned to the cage...though alitandikwa tena cm punk woi...hehe
  3. Nostradumbass

    Awesome Christian Rock Mixx

    I don't normally listen to christian rock but this one got me like daaaaaaamn it.....its awesome. DeeJay Eddy-grimm
  4. Nostradumbass


    Finally +254 is gettin some recognition when it comes to rock/metal music. All Hail ROCK/METAL.
  5. Nostradumbass


    WankuMbwa nisaidieni na link ya kudownload gbwhatsapp latest sandeni sana
  6. Nostradumbass


    Greatings villagers, leo nmeamka na moods za metal and its Industrial Metal kickstarting my day... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBvwcH4XX6U
  7. Nostradumbass


    http://www.africanews.com/2017/07/12/fishing-village-to-coastal-city-twitter-schools-uk-portal-about-tanzania-capital/ :D:DWazungu wamenyamaza wakaona waaite dar a fishing vilage
  8. Nostradumbass


    I just watch an investigative report on KTN on how much the traffic police in Nairobi make a killing,collectin a staggering 425 million per month...enyewe hawa watu nkama huenda kiganjo kufunzwa corruption.
  9. Nostradumbass


    Using the power of technology, it is possible to create and project a hologram of objects and people. The technology is called Project Blue Beam, and The Illuminati want to use it to fake the return of Jesus Christ. This sort of thing has been done before to project a hologram of the Turkish...
  10. Nostradumbass


    I have read weird things online but this stuff has gone beyond limits,the sad part is there are people who will believe this b.s http://m.disclose.tv/news/woman_dead_for_23_hours_in_hell_reports_seeing_michael_jackson_pope_john_paul_ii_and_many_other_celebrities/139107 Angelica Elizabeth...
  11. Nostradumbass

    Pamba on Bull's Eye

    Huyu muchamaa sijui anasema nini... His 'ovicers' we wearing plain 'glothes' when they gunned down robbers who 'run' away. No wonder kwa recruitment wanaangaliwa meno.
  12. Nostradumbass


    Nlikuwa napitia pitia meffi pale kwa zukabaga nkapata hii.. nkabaki kujiuliza shida ya hizi binadamu huwa nini haswa na kukopa wakenya?? Lakini sijui kama ni ukweki anachangisha
  13. Nostradumbass


    A man who was allegedly high on meth reportedly fought off more than a dozen police officers while publicly masturbating. Andrew Frey, 37, apparently made a series of outbursts and then began masturbating in an Oregon restaurant http://m.huffpost.com/uk/entry/4518225
  14. Nostradumbass

    The Goat

    I know probably most of u have watched this video lakini Ile tu kusema ukweli,hii ni bangi ya aina gani???
  15. Nostradumbass

    Here I am......

    It's new year..and I'm doing the same shot again,sijui ni uchawi ama ni nini. @byro kuja eleza Mimi kama ni kurogwa ama ni nini. Y'all remember sometime in October last year I almost sliced someone's throat,that was my wife...I met her again and.......shit Well,after that fight I went back to...
  16. Nostradumbass


    Its been a while since i posted something in this village.. Today marks the second week after i almost slit someone's throat, it has not been easy, trying to adjust to a life i never thought I'd go back to. It still hurts but not like it did initially, now i find it easy to smile, crack jokes...
  17. Nostradumbass

    My Goose is Cooked

    I guess the devil, or whichever spiritual being decided to f**k me ruthlessly. I had just found out last week that my wife was cheating on me, i thought maybe we could talk and end things amicably. She was remorseful, told me she was sorry but she still went on cheating and lying to me. We'd...
  18. Nostradumbass

    f**k THIS

    I am human, i have emotions, i have a heart. I can love, and i happened to love someone so much, gave her so much freedom. When im on the wrong im quick to apologise, and im always honest. She saw the weakness in me, she knew no matter what, id still be rational and understanding,but...
  19. Nostradumbass

    This Man Sonko

    I have seen this guy on tv akitusi watu, akisema vile he is the acting president now that UK na WSR hawako.. I was like, okay huyu ndo jamaa anataka kuwa governor ama he's trying to pull a Donald Trump "grabbin em by the pu**y"
  20. Nostradumbass

    I LOVE THIS KID \,,,/

    This six year old got an amazin talent.... watu wanapenda Heavy Metal