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  1. Contractor

    Which is the best car alarm/security product in the country?

    Steering / accelerator pedal / hand brake lock is the best...
  2. Contractor

    Etherium creating millionaires with Forsage

    Marketing 101
  3. Contractor

    18+ Tako si tako...Wangapi wamekula haka

    4k certified..
  4. Contractor

    Relatives and Friends from Hell.

    Hehehhe.. But they were not killed... Dude... Unaona vitu from an interesting perspective...
  5. Contractor

    Help...haven't pooped for days after swallowing anti-diarrhea drug

    Thanks.. I'll give you feedback after 7 days..
  6. Contractor

    Relatives and Friends from Hell.

    Not necessarily true... Remember Joseph and his brothers...
  7. Contractor

    Help...haven't pooped for days after swallowing anti-diarrhea drug

    I'll reduce fatty foods(lotsa nyama choma) ... And deworm.. (kindly advise on deworming meds).. I don't take akoho)... Thanks..
  8. Contractor

    Help...haven't pooped for days after swallowing anti-diarrhea drug

    What about slow digestion and difficulty in burping...
  9. Contractor


    Oppo VS Samsung galaxy note 20.
  10. Contractor

    Genius William Ruto

    Martha karua, Kivutha kibwana, Mukisa kitui, Oparanya.
  11. Contractor

    18+ Hii mali utalipa pesa ngapi

    You mean the seats?
  12. Contractor

    Visit Your Wife’s Workplace To See If Your Kids Look Like Any Of Her Colleagues

    Hio 20k chukua 3 chics from pioneer University pale ngara... Peleka wao hapa sagana... Per night ni ksh. 6000.. Spend 2 nights... Extra nunua chrome GIN na weed... Na nyama... Siku kuu ume kula ama laa?
  13. Contractor

    Massive Arror-type Oil Refinery scam unearthed in Ethiopia

    It's the new trend.... Loot LOOT and LOOT MEGA.
  14. Contractor

    18+ Pure Perfection 3

    I've seen thses kinda bodyshapes.... But nili nyimwa..
  15. Contractor

    WARNING: CryptoCurrency: Wadau Now or never

  16. Contractor

    Bonge la series - The Mandalorian

  17. Contractor

    Diazepam 10 mg feels good

  18. Contractor

    investing 2.5m -- ideas

    Go to madagasca..buy some spices...sell them to asian countries...
  19. Contractor

    Nice Affordable Places To Have Dates

    Tulitoka from affordable kibandaski.. To land....