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  1. Salazar

    TBT Home theatre

    Ukiwa na hi setup kwa keja ulikuanga the shyyt. Kama hunge afford cassette legit pale Moi avenue, ulikua unafika luthuli unachukua moja blank then unategea Saturday night show ya John Karani Kbc juu that was the only local channel, unafinya record. After sometime kina Metro Fm zikaingia...
  2. Salazar

    Kunukisha utunguu UK na Finest Wine (Murats)

    Summarized A Kenyan man is minting money in the UK by brewing and selling the locally produced alcoholic drink, Muratina. King'ori Wambaki who hails from Nyeri has spent over 27 years in England, shifting from studies, working for foreigners and unveiling his own business. The drink, dubbed...
  3. Salazar

    Hala Nairobi- Kenyans are never short of innovative ideas

    BBI noise aside, real good stuff
  4. Salazar

    Byob Smokies vendor biz opportunity