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  1. Richhot

    Car engine

    Wadau where can i get a legit car engine 1zz ya Toyota wish. Too many cons around!
  2. Richhot


    Fellow villagers hebu advice on the best laptop at a budget of 25 to 30k. Hii mambo ya technology imeanza kunichanganya guess uzee is taking toll
  3. Richhot


    Kwa wale tunaopenda rhumba Leo ndo ile siku stella alirudi...... Ilikuwa tarehe kumi na saba mwezi wa tano Stella alirudi amebeba mtoto mkononi..."
  4. Richhot

    I Quit...

    taking alcohol. There comes a time when a man's life, health and finances are more important than beer. I have been quitting alcohol for the last 15yrs (read addicted) in vain. Am 35 and I feel my liver is 'tired', have lost lots of money and made terrible decisions courtesy of beer. I lost my...
  5. Richhot

    How old are u talkers?

    Today is @mabenda4 birthday which has got me thinking that this village could be inhabited by soon to be octogenarians joining the @FieldMarshal CouchP cocoon. In this spirit can we encourage our brothers by commenting on our age. Me am 33. Ladies kindly watch u don't have to comment, we know...
  6. Richhot

    Shujaa is...

    When u know that even when ua crash refuses to be ramnyad u still got a wyf to relieve ua balls.
  7. Richhot

    Unaitas shares for sale

    25,000 unaitas shares for sale @ ksh9 each.
  8. Richhot

    Water purifying & packaging bizna

    Looking forward to start this bizna as a group. Anyone with advice to help us pick up fast
  9. Richhot

    Taxi business

    Talkers hebu advice on the pros and cons of taxi bizna. What are the expected returns if u employ a driver and when u drive uaself.
  10. Richhot

    Tracing phone number

    Talkers help me Mulika this number. Somebody has been smsing shit thr 0771 787011