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  1. Ociethiel

    Gathee Trump

    Well, everything will now begin to clean up all Trump's decisions. This is now enemy number one. I don’t know if all this is worth considering as purely correct decisions. Yes, this president was an ambiguous leader and sometimes made rather risky decisions, but do not forget that he is a real...
  2. Ociethiel

    Explicit Leta reviews

    I think it is high time that we should be serious with life. We should not get involved in things that will ruin your life. There are people who are married and till participate in such things surely. This clearly indicates that you don love your wife. You are cheating on her. Even if you dont...
  3. Ociethiel

    Good Sato

    I never realize that you like nonsense like this. I think this is why bado tuko nyuma while other nations are really developing, I dont know when will stop such things and begin to learn things tha will help us in future. I never expected such things from a highly learned person like you. As...
  4. Ociethiel

    I keep telling you : Corona is fake news

    I think you could have said the reason as to why you have said so, But I think, it is because of how the corona virus is being handled especially by the politicians, For example, I watched the video where the head of state, the president and the team in Kisumu when they were doing BBI compaigns...