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  1. Gecko Moriah

    Daylight robbery

    Daylight robbery is Here, boy shaold, before you buy her a drink in a restaurant plz take her to the tap,ask her to wash the face and clean with an handcachief avoid morning heartattack juu ulilala na Rihana umeamka na shirandulaaaa
  2. Gecko Moriah

    Ethiopian 'prophet' tries and fails to resurrect corpse

    An Ethiopian family gave a 'prophet' permission to try resurrect a family member after hearing him tell the story of Lazarus from the New Testament who was brought back to life by Jesus.Getayawkal Ayele had tried to revive the corpse of Belay Biftu by lying on top of him and repeatedly yelling...
  3. Gecko Moriah

    Ugandan tax on social media

    East Africa iko shida
  4. Gecko Moriah

    Kenya hakuna haki

    Yaani the guy who slaughtered a cat gets 3 years in prison while the ones who stole millions and fed mercury to the public go scot free. It's clear that there is nothing fair about this society, I'll pay the minimum i have to in taxes.
  5. Gecko Moriah

    Muay thai ni noma sana

  6. Gecko Moriah

    Kfcb new requirement for taking film, even taking cellphone videos will require license

    Apparently taking any film/video (including with a cellphone) for public viewing (including posting it publicly on fb/twitter/instagram) now requires a filming license (5k/ film/video):
  7. Gecko Moriah

    Kenya: Looters and Grabbers, the book that everyone is talking about

    Download read, give your opinion. No comments kama hujasoma
  8. Gecko Moriah

    Poor mama orange ROSELYN AKINYI A.K.A (MAMA ORANGE)

    VISITED ROSELYN AKINYI A.K.A (MAMA ORANGE)AT MBAGATHI HOSPITAL. Our world is full of setbacks and we all find ourselves in such state at some point. I have learnt of the tribulations that Mama Orange and her family have been going through. Her sons have been sick and admitted at Mbagathi...
  9. Gecko Moriah

    Pet fish love biting fingers

  10. Gecko Moriah

    First human death caused by a self driving car

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dr-gridlock/wp/2018/03/19/uber-halts-autonomous-vehicle-testing-after-a-pedestrian-is-struck/?utm_term=.27fa94e3c1b0 Although unfortunate, this is a historic event that will be remembered in the future. Artificial Intelligence is capable of killing and it’s...
  11. Gecko Moriah

    Where can I get adderall in Nairobi

    Just saw this documentary on Netflix about how this drug enhances mental ability and is widely used in the West. I would like to experiment with it, anybody here who has had experience with ADHD medication?
  12. Gecko Moriah

    NuruCoin upusss

    Iko watu watapoteza pesa, ebu skiza ujinga anasema
  13. Gecko Moriah

    Did you know?

  14. Gecko Moriah

    Breaking News: all websites with .co.ke domains seem to be down

    I just noticed that when i try to access any website with a .co.ke domain it returns this on chrome This site can’t be reached .co.ke’s server IP address could not be found. DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN it seems like all, .co.ke domains have this issue. Even the Kenic website is down...
  15. Gecko Moriah

    Launch of the Faiba 4g Mobile

    Live now on NTV. Congratulations to Jamii Telecom Limited, this is bound to bring prices down and improve quality of service. These guys are doing a great job.
  16. Gecko Moriah

    Jaguar anachezea watu

    I was wondering why the guy keeps on getting involved in road accidents, kumbe ni biashara ya insurance fraud na salvage.
  17. Gecko Moriah


    citizen is really pushing this viusasa app, but are Kenyans willing to pay for content and bandwidth at the same time.Local content is good it might just work.
  18. Gecko Moriah

    FOUR PEOPLE found murdered in Riverside, Ruaraka

    FOUR PEOPLE found murdered in Riverside, Ruaraka;Violence reported outering road kariobangi Huruma , allsopps....keep off that side till when advised so. Cars windscreens being smashed.
  19. Gecko Moriah

    Safaricom's E-commerce product Masoko goes live

    Masoko is live and available at masoko.com , first impressions: the product selection is good but it looks like a clone of jumia, perhaps they will have black friday deals.