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  1. qalonzo

    Prado diesel or Petrol

    diesel anytime, ukipata hybrid, hapo sawa
  2. qalonzo

    Got a riddle

    ~ Idea 1 ~ 1 - There are 7 men and there are 7 wives. This means: 14 People = 7 Men + 7 Women 2 - Each wife has 7 children so this means 49 Children = 7 Mothers * 7 Children 3 - The total number of people is… 63 People = 14 Adults + 49 Children 63 People = 7 Men + 7 Women + 49 Children 4...
  3. qalonzo


    100 k si ni kodogo sana msee
  4. qalonzo

    The twins admit that they lied to Kenyans

  5. qalonzo

    My husband allowed me to sleep with my pasta

    mavi kila mahali
  6. qalonzo

    liverpool finaly put in their place , Manunited inakamua nyoka

    Jedwali haliulizwi swali.
  7. qalonzo

    Why I married my twin sister

    i no do understand nuttin there
  8. qalonzo

    Kenyan lady marries twin brother and bears child (Exposed)

    I want to say beautiful kid there this is not alright
  9. qalonzo

    Fixed games scammers

    hizo skreen chot ziko wapi?
  10. qalonzo

    Genius William Ruto

    fvck bolitikz.
  11. qalonzo

    Married folks what can you advise this lady

    When will sofapaka be playing gor mahia? I really need to watch that game.
  12. qalonzo

    accident, speed kills

    morning manyanya accident, waz terrible i say
  13. qalonzo

    Foolish Kenyans

    even the current head is physically unfit, was elected by fools that way
  14. qalonzo

    Mazda 3

    Kananikalia kama jaguar hiffi
  15. qalonzo

    Another simp

  16. qalonzo

    Cargo tuktuks

    mi hapa huona zinabeba >20 20 litres mitungi ya wodi
  17. qalonzo

    Cargo tuktuks

    thats 1 ton ama 20 bags of cenent. I can
  18. qalonzo


    Ukweli kapsa, lakini mimi nitafanya aje kusaidia situation?
  19. qalonzo

    Southampton vs Liverpool

    Which mistake? I think that the lose was inevitable. Five draws, I think that what was following was a defeat.