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  1. m245

    ktalk csi saidieni

    where can i do an ID NUMBER look-up locally?
  2. m245

    buying from amazon

    who has ever bought stuff from amazon and had them delivered? i have some few questions 1 do they ship directly or ill have to use third parties 2.how long does the shipping take 3. is there a pick up point kama ki warehouse hivi 4. kuna clearance "fee"? mind you package ni less than 3kgs any...
  3. m245

    Equity bank

    Anyone working with or knows someone working with the said bank? Need some slight info on a certain account...
  4. m245

    Paypal kenya

    Which/what is the fastest method to withdraw from paypal and get the funds credited To mpesa within minutes
  5. m245

    jua inafanya nini?

    look at the sun...penye niko its "casting" a huge circular shade
  6. m245

    House hunting

    I have been hosting my nephew, since he was in college, sa hii he is job hunting, he wants to be independent but i promised him i'll surport him hadi akue stable was planning nimtafutie kaa onebedroom around nairobi but catch ni ikue place hatalipa fare ya more than 100 to town rent iskue more...
  7. m245

    greencard application

    how does one go about it and what are the key points to note when applying
  8. m245

    luthuli iko na wenyewe

    so was running some errands in tao when i decided to go and check the price range of TV sets I pop in to the first shop burgained to about 22 for a 32" (billionaires najua zenyu ni ma105") second shop a jamaa called mwaura told me enda ukuje na 15k utabeba 3rd shop 20k since I wasn't buying...
  9. m245

    recruitment agencies

    does anyone here know any legit agency? my nephew wants to go to work in the u.a.e but connections hakuna, any links will be appreciated
  10. m245

    bangi ikiwa huru...?

    sijui mbona nacheka
  11. m245

    kujianika tagged

    Kutafuta sponsors
  12. m245


    my phone fell down like a week ago and It immediately stopped detecting the sd card I thought it's just a "knock" so I unmounted the sd card and mounted it back ..."preparing the sd card" message is all I got followed by "your sd card is safe to remove" nikafikiria mem ndio shida nkaeka kwa...
  13. m245

    android gurus

    which roles does google play services and google app play?? and what are the consequences of uninstalling them.....they've become a nuisance since they hog my phone memory abit too much
  14. m245


    woke up today and saw this on my timeline....doest it mean i can get this phone for only a k ama thats like a "deposit"
  15. m245

    breaking news.....

    mafans wa gor mahia wamechoma gari ya kanjo near kencom and a nearby car was also redused to a shell
  16. m245


    who has come across this video or audio aweke hapa....
  17. m245

    this girl though.....

    good bounce n vocals.......bt there is smthing about ths girl singing the chorus
  18. m245

    safaricom bundles

    ju a niccur amejiona mjanja amejua kuhusu finch leo, n selling settings, saf has made things easier nw
  19. m245

    klist memories...

    this was one of the many comments tht made me burst out with laughter.....kijiji was a special place
  20. m245

    this is art...

    i find this interesting.....