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  1. baserock

    Our raw material being used abroad France vs Croatia Scenario

    Our own have been used to defeat Africa... with over 7 players being made of black what do you derive from this World Cup finals? We the best race after alll, Africa is blessed with the creme de la creme, Africa we the head; tail no! Wazungu iko wapi? Africa would have been better if only...
  2. baserock

    Swiping Redefined

    Wadau kuna katabia flani nilikuwa nimejizoesha nikiwa bachelor .... Nikiwa nimepika kanyama kangu kaquarter halafu nimepakua tu poa..sasa kuna ile spup huwa imebakia kwa hiyo sufuria baada ya kuserve .... that is it .... hata nikijaribu kujizuia aje I usually found myself with an urge to ensure...
  3. baserock

    Of Nairobi Barber Shops

    Men’s patience has often been tested to the limit kwa kinyozi especially especially hawa wa Nairobi. I don't tolerate the idea of a fellow man standing close to me fondling my chin and puffy cheeks for close to forty minutes. I am often at my weakest and most vulnerable thus the most i can...
  4. baserock

    Christmas Double Black Cocktails

    Chef wa kijiji kina @Gio et al. come to my rescue please! I am taking JW double black but seems the cocktail ain't shit enough to get me walking as the tale suggests and I don't want to get weed in the mix this season coz of shit that happened the other episode (as usual story for another day) ...
  5. baserock

    Osha Mecho

    Holiday inaendelea pole pole tu... at KES. 215.00 or local adult. More ideas are welcome on how to spend wisely and still promote local economy though at a small scale. This is the Nairobi orphanage!
  6. baserock

    Money is an Intellectual Entity that doesn't enjoy company of fools - A Case of Zimbabwe

    The REAL rich kids of Zimbabwe: Silver Rolls-Royces, bundles of cash and a golden revolver- incredible extravagance of offspring of Mugabe's cronies is revealed while the rest of the country live in poverty. It's a norm in Africa where the gap between the rich and the poor has continously...
  7. baserock

    My Opinion

    (1) The Oct 26 election was way worse than the Aug 8 election. (2) The ruling to uphold the Oct 26 election was largely based on public interest. (3) The judges erred in nullifying the Aug 8 election based on technicalities. (4) Uhuruto is a corrupt duo. Brace yourself for 5 years of more...
  8. baserock

    18+ Wazee wa kijiji saidia

    Washika dau sijui kama hii ni shida ama ni advantage Kwangu. Over the last one week nimekuwa nikipiga dame mjwakulu nikimaliza I go into a semi-comatose mode. Meaning I sleep from midnight without waking up till 6:00 in the morning without hearing/ feeling anything. Last night was the same until...
  9. baserock

    Are we headed into anarchy?

    Following the recent developments across the globe we all realize that democracy is a stupid system. Congratulations to the Communist Party of China for cementing President Xi Jinping’s grip on power. It’s no surprise that after this move, which put Xi on par with the founder of the People’s...
  10. baserock

    Who is this City Business Man??

    This guy has has become a hinderance to Nairobi revelers seeking to reach the threshold of happiness over the festive season. Whether it is for fame (socialite), fun or he is trying to make a debut into the political scene he should know that man is not judged by the weapon that he is carrying...
  11. baserock

    Mafisi Sacco

    I want to join uncle @uwesmake in his telegram group but something has been pulling me back; the ability to be discreet in taking DHFMKGL photos. On further research I have unearthed the Android watches capable of recording and snap shooting these kind of escapades. Kindly guide a fellow did I...
  12. baserock

    Flying Saucer Seen in Murang'a?

    Someone needs to confirm this shit is real! Is there anyone from Murang'a reading this?
  13. baserock

    Is CORD Planning an Arab Spring Sort of Uprising as Purported Here?

    All revolutions that are succeful are ideology driven n they are popular as most can associate with its ideals...when I look around I dont see any ideas..show me some if u do!? This issue which has been contended by Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery could be far from the truth since Kenyans are as...
  14. baserock

    Cocaine & Bhang Smokers Masquerading as Shisha Smokers

    "240 of 300 Shisha samples we collected have large amounts of heroin, cocaine, nicotine."~ NACADA chair Mututho .... Others trying to remain relevant in their day to day activities while unknowingly costing the villagers...
  15. baserock

    Kuficha Game

    This one made my evening @teammafisi ;)
  16. baserock

    Disturbing Ritual Killings @Kihiu Mwiri

    The ongoing ritual killings in the above subject organisation have been flagged by private developers in Kenya... especially in Okuyo land. My main issue of worry is how do eight individuals get killed in an organisation without the government intervening only to do so when push comes to shove...
  17. baserock

    Now that I became a villager

    Well well well! I have been reading the reactions of talkers who get their status as new villagers upgraded to villagers but what I do not understand is the benefit of all this. Fast forward …….. when my status got upgraded I was thinking that now I could post my status via Dictaphone and how...
  18. baserock

    @Dr. Luther.... Please Help!

    In the recent few months you did a post on how employees could collude with you and cash out on employer insurance schemes. Fast forward to today when I tried checking your profile you seem to have done away with the post! Kindly activate or explain to me and other villagers how you do it...
  19. baserock

    Kenyan Girl Enjoys BDMS in States

    I have seen an article about a Kenyan lady who was lured into DFHKMB LTD in the USA doing rounds. Apparently I remembered that there used to be a naughty girl who used to call herself Lola at Klost! Could she be the one? Mwenye ana clip weka kwa cloud tufanye forensics. Too bad what our Kenyan...
  20. baserock

    Ole Rungu Still at Large!

    http://www.presidency.go.ke/index.php/interior-and-coordination-of-national-government/14-state-departments/243-mr-joseph-ole-lenku A wild check on the presidency website and I was shocked to find that this nigga is still being glorified or is itr being fronted as the CS for Interior and...