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  1. tall mnyama everywhere

    kinyozi wa kichwa

    Side hustle ya @Panyaste★
  2. tall mnyama everywhere

    Talker spotted

    @jmoy tunakuona pale mkubwa. :D
  3. tall mnyama everywhere

    Magix Enga sampling

    Magix Enga keeps complaining and crying how other musicians keep on sampling his beats yet he is at the forefront of sampling beats from other international musicians songs. Key in point he has sampled Shaggy's beats from his two songs : church heathen and body a shake. Check it out. Church...
  4. tall mnyama everywhere

    Another simp

  5. tall mnyama everywhere

    g** chieth in hollywood movies and series

    There is this trend in hollywood where a good movie or series has scenes of g** people doing their shit. This stuff bores me to death. Yaani umeona a good series alafu next unaona @Panyaste★ akiwa na @Kimakia wanabomoana kabat. I usually fast forward such scenes. Alafu izo scenes huwa refu bana...
  6. tall mnyama everywhere

    Signal sees surge in new signups after boost from Elon Musk and WhatsApp privacy concerns

    Encrypted messaging app Signal says it’s seeing a swell of new users signing up for the platform, so much so that the company is seeing delays in phone number verifications of new accounts across multiple cell providers. As for what or who is responsible for so many new users interested in...
  7. tall mnyama everywhere

    SIMPS everywhere

  8. tall mnyama everywhere

    WhatsApp forcing users to share data with Facebook

    WhatsApp introduces new privacy policy, will share your data with Facebook WhatsApp, the messaging platform owned by Facebook, has updated its Privacy Policy. All users received a notice, saying that the service will now be sharing user data with other Facebook companies. This comes in stark...
  9. tall mnyama everywhere

    cornea cleansing

  10. tall mnyama everywhere

    dry fry artists

    Dry fry artists be warned. How can you go around shagging women condomless alafu akipata ball unataka tukusaidie aje boss?? Some nigga saa hii ametoka kuniomba rwabe anunulie mtoi wake supper. It pains me that the situation could be handled if he had used a damn condom! I have three cases. The...
  11. tall mnyama everywhere

    dry fry artists

    @Thiem ndo iyo mimba unaletewa
  12. tall mnyama everywhere

    ntsa transfer fees

    Wakubwa nimepata job in a car yard na huko ngong road. It entails collecting logbooks from ntsa and transferring of ownership of vehicles. When interviewing for the job i lied that I know all the processes to transferring ownership of cars to buyers. In reality I have no idea how TIMS works. The...
  13. tall mnyama everywhere

    Talker spotted..

    Alpha Male in the making
  14. tall mnyama everywhere

    Racist tube rider in London gets knocked out by a black man

    He got what he deserved..
  15. tall mnyama everywhere

    For those who want to lose weight

    For those who want to lose weight naturally here are a few tips. 1. Avoid carbohydrates i.e bread, chapati, mandazi, pancake etc. Instead eat boiled sweet potatoes, pumpkin, nduma etc. 2. Avoid sugar. Sugar is a big contributor in weight gain. If you can either substitute it with honey (Use...
  16. tall mnyama everywhere

    Black dont crack

    Taraji Henson - 50 years old Mariah Carey - 50 years old Essence Atkins - 48 years old Mary J Blige - 49 years old Halle Berry - 54 years old Regina Hall - 50 years old Joy Bryant - 46 years old Jennifer Lopez - 51 years old
  17. tall mnyama everywhere

    Generic Flash disk

    So last year March, I bought a 32GB flash disk to use in transferring files, videos and music. The usb has been serving me really well and it has great transfer speeds. Unbeknown to me its actually a generic flash disk. I thought its an original one. I came to know its generic when I was booting...
  18. tall mnyama everywhere

    Windows naleta shida

    Hey guys, a few days ago I bought this laptop at a throw away price from a friend. It was running on Windows 7 so I decided to upgrade it to windows 10 which wasnt any successful. So I decided to do a clean installation of windows 10. I downloaded the latest Windows 10 version 20H2 from the...
  19. tall mnyama everywhere

    black man

    Why is the black man hated and discriminated almost everywhere by other races i.e Discrimination by the White man Discrimination by the Chinese Discrimination by Arabs Discrimination by Latinos Discrimination by fellow black men Is it wrong to be black?