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  1. le scumbag

    Happy New Year

    Since admin decided watu kama sisi wa mobile log ins hawataki huku kwa kijiji,wacheni niache hii salamu za New Year hapa juu nimeingia cyber kutafutana na madocument za KRA. I hope he,admin na wenzake are happy now that they have managed to alienate the non millionaires from KTalk. Ningetusiana...
  2. le scumbag

    Let's restore patriarchy.. away with feminism

    @Father Figure wacha uchinga. Unaambiwa unauliza mbica za mapaja. Kwani unafira mapaja...some people ptho
  3. le scumbag

    Safaricom thuggery

    After such she should okao his jahazi. But there is a third option. Why not buy the actual credit card,scratch it and send her the number.
  4. le scumbag

    Dr @luther12

    Who are you asking for? Answering your question,mwambie atumie matumbo ya mbuzi. Hata ancient Egyptians,those who built the pyramids used matumbo ya mbusi as cds...
  5. le scumbag

    welcome me lady n gentlemen...

    King Olonde uko? Please come and knight this bugger... @king'olonde
  6. le scumbag

    This Thread...2

    Hakuna nduthi imepituka na mimi tena. @gashwin Chinga ni neiba ya Murang'a. Lakini sijui ni loko gani. Labda @Mrs4thletter atushow.
  7. le scumbag

    Habari Ndio Hio

    Mnasema kwa beach. Kujeni swimming pool ya PCEA Makupa. Kudara waschana wa kisojo ati unawafundisha kuswim...:D:D:D
  8. le scumbag

    While I was away

    While you were away,nduthi yako ilinigonga. From that day,akili yangu ikachanganyika..
  9. le scumbag

    This Thread...2

    No. He did not. For your info,I do not partake of the substances that the likes of @Carbon indulge in. I am a grown ass man who takes cold Fanta orange without battling an eye,even in a club. The high I am on is one I cannot explain myself...random thoughts.
  10. le scumbag

    This Thread...2

    What is it that your are giving up on?
  11. le scumbag

    This Thread...2

    @mabenda4 si Sparki,ni Tudor. Tuko huku na @riang'a nene. Better still wacha nikusave the trouble nikutumie till number...
  12. le scumbag

    This Thread...2

    They tell me that I lost the argument with the nduthi. When they mention the nduthi,my thoughts turn to @kush yule mnono and I think they are right. Kush,can I ask for a rematch... Am sitting here looking at the cleaner being lazy, listening to this guy saying in a Muiru like voice "majengo...
  13. le scumbag

    This Thread...

    Wooooiii...for the graduands and their families and their phones. Did thread.
  14. le scumbag

    @Msa Ktalkers

    Tudor wapi?
  15. le scumbag

    This Thread...

    Dis poem
  16. le scumbag

    This Thread...

    It was a what if question madam/sir...it was meant NOT to tusi you. This thread...
  17. le scumbag

    This Thread...

    Just like the turetio you claim to sell...they exist only in ya mind. This thread...
  18. le scumbag

    This Thread...

    I woke up about an hour a go. As usual I logged into KTalk to see what you buggers have been up to...and I find that there is nothing special about today's listings. Ni ujinga tu ile ya kawaida,hekayas without mbica,half truths and whole lies... It got me thinking. What if the one man news...
  19. le scumbag

    Okiya apewe congratulations na mawaidha

    Congratulations are in order as you prepare to formalize the wearing of the so called smallest handcuffs in the world...
  20. le scumbag

    in laikipia cownty. i wasnt drunk yesterday. as my enemies are trying to say

    @Carbon enemies everywhere. Even that coomer you are trying to fish in is an enemy. Once you fish,she will claim to all who care to listen that your game iko chini ya chini ya maji...