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  1. Kombora

    Craigslist Kunguru

    Sick shit for the mentally challenged, u should go to Siberia for this
  2. Kombora

    Craziest Lanye Stories

    The drugs make you a zombie they ask you anything and you reply, the will to resist is gone
  3. Kombora

    2010 world cup: TBT

    was in South Africa then with friends, was a worthy trip
  4. Kombora

    Jubilee Dev - Construction of Eldoret Town Bypass road

    How long will it take to build It?
  5. Kombora

    Alfajiri sana sacco

    A brand new day, for those who wish to travel to Mombasa, you have to wait until further notice, hata wale walitoka Sato wakielekea huko hawajafika. Hapo ndio mvua imetufikisha. Nway beautiful day to you all.
  6. Kombora

    Earn from Answering people

    Tajirika peke yako
  7. Kombora

    TBT Let it rain edition

    Blistering barnacles!
  8. Kombora

    Late nyt poll

    Translation :God take this dog, imezidisha ufala.
  9. Kombora

    Afrojiri Sacco

    May the Lord grant us wisdom and vision for this wonderful day. Good day talkers.
  10. Kombora

    Jubilee Dev - President Uhuru launches Busia Joint Border Post

    Those ladies in the picture can twist one in bed to oblivion
  11. Kombora

    Till we meet again....RIP Good Friend.

  12. Kombora

    RIP Uchumi

    Died a long time ago, only the life support is functioning.
  13. Kombora

    TBT NEMIS edition

  14. Kombora

    Stolen Twin Found

    Most of them are baren which explains the desperation
  15. Kombora


    As fake as the eye witness
  16. Kombora

    TBT Revisit Edition

    Capital fm, the American one
  17. Kombora


    Is the guy in red looking for likes?
  18. Kombora

    TBT Revisit Edition

    Had one, would spend the whole afternoon listening when I was free
  19. Kombora

    Steroids Or What Now??

    No, they are not