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    Florida Doctor dies after receiving Covid Vaccine

    Bill gates engineered the virus to control the population of Africa but God has decided He will not be mocked by beings who sit on a toilet. They created a vaccine only to realize the virus has mutated into various strains. The tables have turned and the virus is very friendly to white people...
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    On the software side last year safaricom dropped Huawei SDP replacing it with one from 6d technologies. Skiza tunes platform is still Huawei based. I think the only reason they haven't replaced it is due to lack of a good alternative.
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    Its Official: Africans have a gene that protects against severe Covid-19

    They lost the gene when they moved out of Africa as the article seems to suggest. Leave Africa, lose the genes. Tell them to back here and mate with Neanderthals to regain it. This world is full of stupid logic.
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    Pipeline Vs Zimmerman who is the pound for pound poko city queen? Tough vote!

    Between Aston villa and trace lounge. Puthy is 200 per shot and mabati shack room is 100 bob.
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    Does YouTube have a competitor?

    Dailymotion is the closest to youtube.
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    Kikuyu Elders throng Bondo in droves to Annoint Raila for Presidency

    If a mugumo tree was not involved the ceremony is fake.
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    Safaricom Trying To Forcibly Subscribe Me To Sh!t I'm Not Interested In

    It's not safaricom directly. They are called PRSP partners. Safaricom provides an API that enables them to initiate subscription requests on behalf of their (PRSP )clients. Question you should be asking is how the hell your phone number ended up in their database...
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    What If Egypt Bombs Ethiopian Dam?

    History repeats itself
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    What If Egypt Bombs Ethiopian Dam?

    The water belongs to Egypt.
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    Exams represent Interviews.
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    Most popular programming language in the country

    Is Rust supposed to replace C++ ?
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    be advised....having an idea is simply not enough of accusing someone of stealing it and demanding compensation court rules!

    You cannot patent an idea. You can only patent your own implementation of that idea. Once you share an idea with any other entity, kwisha maneno.
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    When did coronavirus land in Kenya?

    Hii kitu iliingia hapa kitambo and many people have been infected. It's just not sweeping us the way it is sweeping jungus and black americans like @Purple
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    Kenyans angry with UK after being stranded

    Gatheca is a moron being advised by morons.
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    AliExpress & Posta Tracking

    Zangu mbili zimekwama exchange office since Dec last year.
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    Konza city births Hawassa city

    It does not benefit mama ngina Kenyatta, it does not succeed.
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    Michael Faraday

    Don't compare Tesla to any of those morons. Tesla was ahead of his time by a whole century. Even today with our current technology there are no improvements on what he left behind. AC generators, Transformers, induction motors, wireless electricity transmission etc.
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    Jubilee Dev - Inauguration of 50MW Garissa Solar Power plant in Mbalambala, Garissa County.

    Are you trying to say mama ngina Kenyatta's diesel generators produce more power than the hydroelectric turbines??
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    Kwani Only 2 Tribes Can Lead Kenya?

    It's not about two tribes, it's about three families.
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    Where Did They Germans Get Their Advanced Technologies From?

    As @Kahuni Maisha stated, german technology was being extracted from vedic scriptures in Tibet. Every other narrative is meffi. Germany was the first country to attempt to build an atomic bomb.