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  1. riskey

    Explicit Good for dry frying married kungurus and daughters of notables.

    Zoea kufanya planks. You will not need to use the foot board.
  2. riskey

    Warm up stretch exercises

    Came to learn the hard way the importance of stretching before and after exercise. Muscle shortening is one of the most painful conditions to correct.
  3. riskey

    heat gun for sale

    Za Bosch na Mikata ni 8K, how can I buy a black & decker for 7k. Hii iko ile class ya Stanley tools zinauzwa na wahindi.
  4. riskey

    Kuosha rungu Kikuyu

    Uliza matatu za kingeero hapo kwa stage.
  5. riskey

    Kuosha rungu Kikuyu

    Kwani unafanya kwa hiyo carwash ya Kenol.
  6. riskey

    Wajuaji wa ktalk @purple & Co kujeni - Magufuli was "Right"

    Sii pawpaw. Ni popo - Swahili name for a bat.
  7. riskey

    18+ Harriet

    Mbona anavaa slippers hazifanani? Hii hapana.
  8. riskey

    AliExpress orders

    Are the orders coming through, or should I wait for another month before making a purchase?
  9. riskey

    18+ Harriet

    Mbona anavaa slippers hazifanani?
  10. riskey

    Muosho MMOJA

    Work with this example. To have a duvet waged in a laundry mart you need to part with 300 - 400 shillings. A good front load machine (A+++ rating) will consume < 0.5 units of power. One unit is approx 15 - 17 Bob. Water consumption, wah & rinse 2.5 buckets and that's on the higher side...
  11. riskey

    Explicit Kama umeonja hii new lady Sabina (big ass) shika namba

    Amerudisha tumbo ndani. Hiyo mukonyo ni kubwa Sana.
  12. riskey

    Musings of a Greying Man

    Yes its true. Something else you don't know is +40s take longer to cum and the girls like it.
  13. riskey

    18+ Success or Love ..??

    But you are always posting fat women. Which direction did you expect the discussion to take?
  14. riskey

    18+ When a kunguru demands for 3500

    Customs walikula ngapi? Ni animal hide ama ni synthetic leather?
  15. riskey

    Palm oil & Coconut oil

    Thanks. Nimesaidika.
  16. riskey

    Palm oil & Coconut oil

    What are the going prices for virgin palm oil and coconut oil? Where can I get the oils? 20 litres plus.
  17. riskey

    Help needed tafasali

    Alikula na mdomo.
  18. riskey

    Help needed tafasali

    In the old days guys used to apply brake fluid as a remedy for tumande.
  19. riskey

    causes of death in africa.i told you number one si joke

    Don't use words in your comments if you don't understand what they mean. How can you extrapolate using data set for one year. Where is 2017/18 or years before 2007/8. Statisticians who know what they are doing use a minimum of 3 data points.