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  1. poyoloko

    30 years

    The least amount of years I'm willing to bet mwizi sugu from sugoi atakalia hio kiti akipewa na stupid thurakus... By then kalenjinga watakua wameiba mpaka cemetery morgue na mortuary and you'll wish you were born in somalia.. Mark my words. Ndio mtajua Uhuru alikua softie... Premium tears loading
  2. poyoloko

    Maybe... Just maybe

    Is there apossibility that the jubilee administration is made up of very clever strategists? You see, after Uhuru and ruto knew they had failed the country and the economy horribly, the only solution to redeem themselves and to sanitize ruto in the eyes of Kenyans so that jubilee continues to...
  3. poyoloko

    Buda toboa!

  4. poyoloko

    Mimi humwagiwa ndaniiii

    Meet @mimi Huwa Namwagiwa Ndanii who doubles up as Goodluck Ofwozi Chinedus maid. He has given up on getting children after wishing, praying and fasting to get pregnant by Chinedu pouring his seed in his anus daily for 16 years since he was in UON. Hes now retired to demonizing women marriage...
  5. poyoloko

    Raila was popular in 2007, and beyond

    Infact more than most politicians we knew. Sasa ruto na kina ndindi makanga support Wana Dhani watapindua serikali? Ulizeni Agwambo, alikua teargas akatosheka. It's now your turn to lie on the cross Teargas must be a daily routine and we must petition parliament to expand the budget on more...
  6. poyoloko


    If this is a forum for insulting the the President mutuambie openly we know the way forward. Kuna malaya inatoka London kazi ni kutusi rais at any given opportunity pamoja na mama ingine @ChifuMbitika.. Nawaambia mtakoma
  7. poyoloko


    Useless like a pile of @Electronics4u dung Tombwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Tatu kwa mkush
  8. poyoloko


    After all they have been through, you would think the biggest topic of discussion in the media, social media and generally everywhere would be the post covid recovery strategies.. But no, trust bonobos to revert to the usual dance.. Mama yako this, hustler that, Raila this, Bbi that... When do...
  9. poyoloko

    @Purple @T.Vercetti

    How comes incest is a sin when we all descended according to the Bible, from two parents Adam and Eve? Please explain to me the genetic differences between human races and how they came to be inspite of us having only two ancestors? Shouldn't we all really look alike? Can a freesian Cow even...
  10. poyoloko

    Kenya would be better off without These Bonobos

    This post is not a general attack on any tribe but the leadership and the elite of the tribes mentioned and we have given leadership responsibilities since indipendence. Its not about a common loaf like @Motokubwa but the elite. Its not a pleasant thread either but a damning assessment and...
  11. poyoloko

    The year is 2020. Kenyas colony Somalia is just doing fine

    Good job Uhuru we must enslave them for 100 more years. @Mfalme Bingwa Scrotum iko swali?
  12. poyoloko

    Egypt vs Ethiopia

    Ive read here varied opinions about the simmering tensions of a war but mostly of how Egypt will crush Ethiopia in a war..  :D:D:Dit wont be that easy my friends Egypt cant do shit to the dam. Why you may ask? They also have a huge dam upstream which if Ethiopia bombs would mark a terrible...
  13. poyoloko

    Slavery this slavery that trump this trump umeffffwi.. Juvenile mafwi tucker tucker threads

    @administrator how are you? Thanks for this wonderful platform but please can you give these fools their own section called USA affairs? Thank you
  14. poyoloko

    Nywele ngumu tuko na shida

    I respect Somalis on this one @Slave Owner @Mfalme Bingwa Scrotum sio nyinyi waarabu fake When you meet a somali in the streets of Nairobi and ask him "who are you?" he'll confidently reply without fear or shame" im a Somali " mind you the guy carries a Kenyan ID. even in London Amsterdam or...
  15. poyoloko


    A dam is a barrier that stops or restricts the flow of water or underground streams. Reservoirs created by dams not only suppress floods but also provide water for activities such as irrigation, human consumption, industrial use, aquaculture, and navigability.. Examples of dams And one our...
  16. poyoloko

    You did us proud UK

    Special congratulations albeit belatedly to His excellency President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta for capturing the seat for us and proving the detractors wrong that indeed you are a great leader. Rest assured, we are solidly behind your efforts to purge rotten corrupt thieving elements your...
  17. poyoloko

    A young man. He needs a second chance

    Nikipewa hii shati ya ruto free naitupa kwa Dustin
  18. poyoloko

    Heshima lazima idumu

    Mliona simba imenyeshewa mkadhani ni paka where is that mchawi and mlevi mganga talk now huh? :D you shall respect the commander in chief na si tafadhali.Kieleweke sasa! . Filthy hyenas @spear @Motokubwa jinga @Finest wine and the other rubbish. Uhuru is not your ki!piiii khasia . Inazidi...
  19. poyoloko

    Meanwhile in karatina... HATUNA DENI!

    Moses kuria told Inazidi kueleweka @Purple @Finest wine @Motokubwa
  20. poyoloko

    Sacked employees/ slaves of rich mans businesses / hotels

    Watu waende nyumbani wakalime. And kina uhuru should seriously free up land for farming. Even if it means hiving off some game parks. Or irrigating the vast n rift valley or coast. We should use this opportunity to grow agri cities to create employment and be self sufficient enough in terms of...