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  1. Kombora

    Shisha legality

    This was yesterday, is it still legal?
  2. Kombora

    Shimoli story

    I saw it sometimes back bt sikusoma coz I was busy, anybody with the link?
  3. Kombora


    After a long wait, I finally became an elder. Thanks to the family that I've come to know as my own and funny enough I can't stay for long without checking what they are up to. Big up everyone.
  4. Kombora

    Tough times

    Kenya's 3rd largest retail chain, Naivas shuts down two branches, Ronald Ngala branch in Nairobi, Githunguri branch in kiambu.
  5. Kombora

    Bodybuilders mentality

    I've got a bodybuilder friend who hails from the lakeside who has been asking slices from a lady who hails from the land of kaguta, yesterday his wish was finally granted and they got to play the hockey match. When I met him this morning this is what he told me "maze huyo dem alilia sana...
  6. Kombora

    Music copyright society of Kenya

    I recently got an invoice for payment from these guys, are they still legal? Because I heard they were stopped from collecting money on behalf of the atristes.
  7. Kombora


    Now that the presidential elections fall on November and the national exams will still be going on, what will happen?