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    Couple zex

    Is it normal to have zex with ua partner while fantasizing about others;ei musterbating on ua partner?
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    Who is a kunguru?

    Half of the human race is made up female(women)are they all the same whores,hookers prostitutes,lanyes,kungurus etc ama kuna special attributes that makes one stand out?
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    A question to the doctors

    Is it normal to seek massage services from insects.I find it quite exotic to have them crawling over my body ecastic even.
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    Nation building

    It's time to recapture our patriotism.women in langata prison for life should be given a chance to breed with men serving life sentences.the kids thus produced belongs to the state from day 1until they die it wud be cheaper to train the son of a killer how to kill than to haul them from the...