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  1. makende bigi

    Sidewall puncture tyre repair

    Recently had a puncture on one of my tires and was informed by a mech that it is on the sidewall. Must have hit a jagged rock (mguu ya mbele ya left) coz it's kind of torn kidogo though it appears it damaged the wires abit though the hole is very small. He went on to describe the repair process...
  2. makende bigi

    Hypertension, weight loss and diet

    Recently, I visited a medical facility to seek medical attention for twisted ankle.Sasa nikiwa hapo triage, nikifanyiwa zile tests za BP etc nurse ananiambia blood pressure yangu haiko poa - it was 132/90. Doc also repeated the same says I need to keep my weight down - Am 79 now - akanishow i...
  3. makende bigi

    Winter or M+S tyres

    I imported a vehicle from Japan in 2014.It came fitted with Yokohama tyres with pretty good tread depth and the tyres have served me well so far.The only problem, or so it appears, is that they are winter tyres - they actually have M+S engraved on them which means they are meant for driving in...