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  1. Gecko Moriah

    Drugs and success

    Hio pesa nunua nayo dictionary kwanza, it will go a long way
  2. Gecko Moriah

    Unnatural sex and adultery soon punishable by death

    Unadhani hapa ni bruneitalk
  3. Gecko Moriah


    Pubg ndio kusema
  4. Gecko Moriah

    Opening a Duka (Kiosk)

  5. Gecko Moriah

    Uneasy relationship with my old man

    Conquer the evil with the good, take care of his necessities as per your obligation because he caused your birth. You don’t have to be in good terms,
  6. Gecko Moriah

    Nyama-kwa-nyama trap

    Mdunge zile sindano za family planning akiwa amelala,
  7. Gecko Moriah

    Aiyayaya yaani hawa watu Washatuekea free WIFI in all buses

    Forward travellers zimekua na wifi tangu kitambo, nothing new
  8. Gecko Moriah

    18+ Club 64 Nairobi..upuzi tupu

    Yesterday was on Monday dipshit
  9. Gecko Moriah

    Breakfast rip off.

    Nunua ngumu uteremshe na maji ya tap
  10. Gecko Moriah

    Nyeri magistrate ARRESTED

    Sasa unataka aje?
  11. Gecko Moriah

    Manze Mpamba anafanya this man vibaya. Ati amevaa Combat.

    The law should specify what sort of camo is illegal, I don’t think any kenyan forces wear snow camo,
  12. Gecko Moriah

    Lackluster Performance

    Much wisdom
  13. Gecko Moriah


    Meet Gorge Magoha. The incoming CS of Education.He is believed to be the second most feared man in history , and in Sub Saharan Africa, he comes immediately after the late Luanda Magere. He is said to look like a buffalo while sleeping and a white rhino while swimming. Gorge Magoha is a...
  14. Gecko Moriah

    Any one available tonight

    You already have a small penis
  15. Gecko Moriah

    18+ Big thighs, big things villagers, mecho safii

    Shule zifunguliwe tafadhali
  16. Gecko Moriah

    Kenyans will have major Jobs in Somalia oil fields

    The bald eagle is watching
  17. Gecko Moriah

    nani hajui

    Good weed actually needs a lot of care, labor and inputs