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  1. Tom Bayeye


    Nani ameiskia.A minute ago. Niko kwa marafiki 5th floor.Karibu niwache pombe nikifikiria natupa mbao
  2. Tom Bayeye

    To those that own or are holding the fort

    FATHERS go through a lot silently.Sacrifice a lot to see their families stable and happy. They have their weaknesses that many don't know and they choose to act strong. Fathers are a representation of higher beings on earth. They are seed carriers,vision carriers,destiny carriers and above all...
  3. Tom Bayeye

    Pick a country

    Pale kwa kina,you know who,are lining up to buy boomsticks to fight corona Hapa trashcanistan its full gear,eat sleep and shiet corona and dont- forget -to- wipe -you- nether -region,out of the system..... But in netherlands tho....wameamua to smoke the scourge out,dont panic,just blaze and...
  4. Tom Bayeye

    tumesalimiana wangapi hapa

    inua mkono.....niko sirias gudnaitini from the land of Tea drinkers, red buses ,black cabs and fish and chips
  5. Tom Bayeye

    To all my esteemed villagers.......

    I'm hours early into christmas
  6. Tom Bayeye

    pale tukiingia 2020

    kwa wafanyikazi wa muindi,yenu hii hapa borrowed heavily fro the beast but none of that matters
  7. Tom Bayeye

    comp ya muhindi,watu ya bundles na hatuclick squad,start singing,....mbirrioneas this way way priss

    jetlag inaniua,usingizi hakuna,boredom is coming. Random shiet no 6385:-Google THANOS,click on the gauntlet,........... 7.2 speaker system will suffice
  8. Tom Bayeye

    For the Historians.....only

    And architects alike, how does a 12th century medieval stone church burn up this fast the notre dame cathedral in its splendour
  9. Tom Bayeye

    And yahweh said,"no,that ain't the promised land you heebs"

    Israel's Beresheet Spacecraft Crashes Into Moon During Landing Attempt If at first you don't succeed, you try again said bibi a.k.a netanyahu after Israel's first moon lander came up just short in its historic touchdown .It was the first privately funded mission expected to land softly on the...
  10. Tom Bayeye

    tuoneni tena

    watu ya bundles mnaeza complain pia
  11. Tom Bayeye

    Thou shall not steal pale kwa el Chapo

    fuel theft after thieves punctured a pipeline north of Mexico City, causing an explosion that killed at least 66 and injured 76 others. Actually a friendly cigarette smoker was paying a visit during the process.kuna video kadhaa you tube na live leak zinaonyesha candle lights zikikimbia kwa...
  12. Tom Bayeye

    Ati mliona........oneni tena

    Syokimau kwa kina.......
  13. Tom Bayeye

    now this man should be made chief of staff Mafisi Sacco

    kama uliona,ona tena na tena anongea kijerumani hapo sikielewi lugha not the best of the best jabulanis,but his ingenuity is off the richter scale
  14. Tom Bayeye

    hii ujnga ya sataafrika isifike huku priss

    dance craze going viral,hii si kichaa? from office folks to freakin' goats watu ya bandos poleni beats sio mbaya though
  15. Tom Bayeye


    Hii ni kwa wale hawakukula school fees.So,iko hivi, google chrome,shhh i know imeleta kujua,nikiclick images alafu niselect picha inakataa kuopen.nimeingia hadi settings<---wueh hii jina,but sipati suluhisho.saidia mimi priss my fossil brain cannot fathom beyond the xhamster bookmark:D:D:D
  16. Tom Bayeye

    Do unto Others Before They Do One To You

    what's with the american culture of suing?
  17. Tom Bayeye


    To all ye wankers,absentees,baba mkate,single fathers,divorcees, i-think-i-have-a-kid-out-there,sponsors,supporters,are-you-sure-it's-mine?, and soon to be dads.Job well done
  18. Tom Bayeye

    How does this ramshackle work?

    Installed in westlands
  19. Tom Bayeye

    movie marathon

  20. Tom Bayeye

    the Egyptian King

    Islamophobia is a state of mind i guess