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  1. Fucked up thoughts

    Fpl is back.

    share your league codes here including the ktalk one.
  2. Fucked up thoughts

    village devs

    what do you guys think of the statement that java is a dying language and it will soon be dominated by kotlin in android development.i know kotlin has gained momentum now(addresses most boilerplate stuff) but on the other hand java is becoming less verbose.
  3. Fucked up thoughts

    whatever happened to all the black clothings from the 1990's and early 2000's

    the likes of sean jean,ecko,and the rest zilienda wapi?nowadays kuna ndume zinavaa nut hugging skiny jeans or cross dressing womens shirt wtf?
  4. Fucked up thoughts

    Beard growth products

    who has any leads of a reputable chemist that I can find them.
  5. Fucked up thoughts

    Thierry henry

    I thought angehack this big job ajenge C.V but man! coaching is tough.
  6. Fucked up thoughts

    good predictions site.

    let's list them and destroy the bookies
  7. Fucked up thoughts

    Serious title Contenders.

    I think Chelsea and man city are the only teams showing thirst to clinch the EPL title.sarri ball is effective plus Chelsea ikiongeza reinforcements in the January transfer window haiwes shikika.
  8. Fucked up thoughts

    kuingia mitini

    wadau mse huondokea relationship yenye anaionea nje ya 18 aje?
  9. Fucked up thoughts

    coding school

    instead of going to campus for another 4 years wouldn't it be wise for me to join a coding academy rather than doing a course like IT