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  1. shingo upande

    Isuzu nqr old generation.

    Hello fellow birionayas ... just to remind you that there's a mad dash to get these tried and tested Isuzu nqr gems before the out going model stock is cleared out. I don't know why investors are afraid of the new model.all I hear is that "hiyo turbo ni kisrani" Cash is only 5.231 miriions...
  2. shingo upande

    chemsha bongo.

    Shingo upande is loaned a total of ksh100,000 by two village sponsors. Randy man 50k Saliva swollower 50k Shingo upande buys iPhone9 for 97000 .balance 3k Shingo upande pays from the balance, randy man 1000 and saliva swollower 1000. I use the remaining 1000 to buy chips,guarana and bamba 50...
  3. shingo upande

    marriage advice With shingo upande

    I have noticed that a good number of talkers are young and single. I really enjoy some of their listings esp the wash eyes and the annoying "Niko town x,wapi naeza pata lanye?" types. As an elder I would like to pass down some little marriage/relationship advice to young and young at heart...
  4. shingo upande

    Kenya power concrete poles

    I have noticed that Kenya power now uses concrete poles. it's not the first time they have"piloted"such.in old muthaiga there are decades old such kinda poles . What bothers me most is why do they embark on a wholesome replacement of the wooden poles? I have urinated on,seduced hot chicks ...
  5. shingo upande

    majuto ni mjukuu

    Saw her in some building struggling to climb a flight of stairs.short , yellow, tyranny of flesh in the stronghold areas of her body. The sleeveless black short dress fitted her perfectly. I slowed down to her pace as we struggled to clear the flight of stairs,my eyes firmly glued to...
  6. shingo upande

    Christianity needs a caliph/Ezekiel mutua/moderator/admin.........etc

    I consider myself a staunch Christian yet I rarely go to church.God has answered most of my prayers and am thankful for all He has done/not done/in the process of doing for me.we Christians have adopted a laissez-faire attitude on the workings of our religion which has resulted into confusion...
  7. shingo upande

    what made me stop f**king people 's wives

    I shingo upande is a very straight forward gentleman.me no beat around the bushes.when I see a girl I like/love,i go straight to the point.............. Upande shingo:sasa mrembo? Mrembo (yellow yellow):pohwa. Upande shingo:kuna kitu nataka kukushow. Mrembo:mmmhu.... Upande...
  8. shingo upande


    I have noticed that nowadays it's not trendy to bomoa ugali barehanded.even the ghetto hotels now have guests coerced into using forks and spoons in the simple exercise of eating ugali madondo mix. I dread attending parties which require attendees to eat using tools/cutlery. over the years I...
  9. shingo upande

    handkerchief mi never leave mi yard without you again

    I don't like carrying a lot of stuff in my pockets. My pockets contents on an average day include large screen Chinese Android phone(s),wallets full of ATMs of dormant bank accounts,large bunch of keys with several bottle top openers,nail cutters,whistles,keys of long lost padlocks,universal...
  10. shingo upande

    milk and emergency medical response

    Why is milk always the second form of help we Kenyans give to a victim of any kind of accident?(the first response is raiding victims pocket/laptop bag searching for identification documents and shinning eyes on them androids) The past week I witnessed two electrifications,nduthi...
  11. shingo upande

    level 4&5 public hospitals

    What criteria is used in ranking hospitals? Is it based on administrative locations, infrastructure,or political influence? egzampo in kiambu kaunti ,kihara level 4 does not have an ICU unit Kiambu district hospital is also level 4 but is better equipped The new gatundu hospital level 4 is...
  12. shingo upande

    Hillary Clinton gifts PM Raila with most POWERFUL Public Address System for 2017 upuss

    Ctrl c+v Nominee of the Democratic Party for President of the United States Hillary Rodham Clinton has deeply thanked prime Minister Raila Amolo Odinga for attending the DNC in the United States by gifting him with a state of the art public address system built in powerful HUMMER H1. Speaking...
  13. shingo upande

    best financing option for the zero credit score Sacco members

    Disclaimer: i don't work for any bank/financial institutions.this post is not intended to vilify our lovely/popular 1st tier banks. I am a typical Kenyan who never misses an opportunity to make money in any of the latest business fads.i have failed spectacularly in some leading to the...
  14. shingo upande

    my life as a peasant episode 09

    ........I followed the doctor to a room.he gave me a lengthy lecture on how the procedure will open up my mind,increase my IQ, make me cleaner and supposedly smarter than some now popular opposition leader. He gave me an electric shaver to mow my pubic hair.I protested shaving me pubics...
  15. shingo upande

    chemsha bongo

  16. shingo upande

    chemsha bongo

  17. shingo upande

    woman stabs husband because he didn't eat her ass

    Chunga sana vile unapeana mapenzi kwa mpenzio Mimi ile foreplay mufti mimi humpa mama boi ni "mammy ebu pinduka huku” Usitilie maanani ushawishi potovu na gushi ya 7 shots minimum au kulamba pussey/mkia,ukiwazoesha sitairo ujue ile siku itaiwacha utakufa. Ctrl c+v “BEFORE WE GOT MARRIED I USED...
  18. shingo upande

    silica gel

    You must have seen one of these in packagings of your new expensive sneakers, electronics (sio za snapdragon)etc Here are some useful use of them other than "throw away, do not eat" Normally You Throw These Little Silica Gel Packages Away. But They Can Do So Much More Than Just Sit In The...
  19. shingo upande

    suggestion to admin,moderators

    We Africans especially old ones love titles. How about you enable these wazee choose any title of their choice upon signing up/logging in. xvideos has a forum that enables that and it runs on xenforo just like ktalk.
  20. shingo upande

    verbal promises.

    is it's possible to successfully sue someone for failure to honor a verbal promise made after winning some sms promotion like lotto? I felt like suing sambadi after reading this. ctrl v+c Local North Carolina pastor is suing controversial Powerball lottery winner, 27-year-old mother of four...