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  1. Nyamgondho

    Safaricom puts 5G plans on hold... and so should you!

    Safaricom has confirmed it has no plans for launching 5G network in Kenya for the foreseeable future despite the hardware being ready. Apparently, the US has dissuaded Kenya (and Safaricom for that matter) from using Huawei equipment in exchange for a trade deal. So if you are planning to buy a...
  2. Nyamgondho

    Amazon taniua

    Hizi shopping holidays zimekuwa nice. The discounts were deep and coupons kept flowing. I usually shop at target, walmart na Amazon. My transactions at Target, Walmart were smooth as usual. I usually go for consolidation at Amazon so that my packages go to my select freight forwarder as a big...
  3. Nyamgondho

    Samsung wanaenda OLED

    So news in today indicate that Samsung has sold one of its largest LCD factories to TCL. Rumour has it that Samsung will stop using LCDs completely by 2022 and will sell all its LCD factories in China and South Korea by end of this year. The company will focus on Quantum Dots on OLED. Kwa hivyo...
  4. Nyamgondho

    Mediachieth Dimensity 720 launched

    The Dimensity 1000 has already proven to be a capable chip (Better than SD 855) but the real surprise was Dimensity 820 which is more capable than the SD 765G chip. The Redmi 10x Pro 5G launched with Dimensity 820 and has been very good. It will definitely outperform Oneplus Nord which uses the...
  5. Nyamgondho

    OnePlus Nord and what this means for Xiaomi

    The cat is out of the bag. This phone is priced at 399 Euros but the price will definitely be cheaper in China and India. Just like the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are cheaper in these countries. In india this phone will be priced around $350 at launch. In Kenya, the phone will cost around 50K at start...
  6. Nyamgondho

    The Nyamgondho guide to buying a TV: Panel integrity (TL;DR)

    Buying a TV on a budget can be a daunting task. There are many things to consider; the operating system, connectivity, brand, CPU, RAM, ROM and the panel itself among others. This thread offers guidance on selecting a good display. But first, I need to caution you from buying TVs online. TVs are...
  7. Nyamgondho

    Safaricom 5G bands

    I am considering buying a 5G phone. Problem is I currently don't know which bands safcon is experimenting with. Comb me guys I don't want to bite outside by getting a phone with irrelevant bands.
  8. Nyamgondho

    Business Hide-hear

    Kenya seriously lacks seerious tech reviewer. I feel like there is a serious business idea. Just review HDMI cables, earphones, etc. Then set up an easy website and sell them hapo at 80% profit. Then overtime you'll get real sponsors on your site. It's fuckin easy. I wish I was young and...
  9. Nyamgondho

    6G internet

    6G internet will achieve speeds of 1Tb/s. Get ready for 8k streaming. What would you do with 1tb/s? We will never stop buying gadgets aki. At this rate our TVs, Phones, Speakers and every other gadget will be obsolete in less than 5 years. Sahizi ni 2020 and all midrange phones this year will...
  10. Nyamgondho

    Nyamgondho guide to buying a TV: Connectivity.

    When buying a TV, I mostly concentrate on connectivity. So it's a bit awkward when I ask the sales guy to turn the TV around. They often look perplexed. But any TV manufacturer that gives you good connectivity will always deliver a good panel. So here's a list of what the Nyamgondho looks for...
  11. Nyamgondho

    I can't help but envy these persians

    Iranians are terrorists but the smartest of the bunch. It somehow explains why these persians are the oldest civilisation on earth. One minute they are the villains the next quasi-martyrs. US tried to paint Soleimani as a terrorist but man that description hasn't even stuck. These persians have...
  12. Nyamgondho

    Lest We Forget: The WRC Safari Rally Was Never Welcome Here!

    Most talkers were born the other day. So it's no surprise they don't know the history of the Safari Rally. Here is an article I got from the archives from the 1980 safari rally. I was a young boy and since my old man was the magazine's editor. I got to keep a few copies from him. I had promised...
  13. Nyamgondho

    Flying a flag on personal property.

    Are there any regulations pertaining to flying flags on personal property? Does the height of the flag pole matter?
  14. Nyamgondho

    Why OEMs sell different version of the same phone in different markets

    First, it is important to appreciate OEMs do not like developing various versions of the same phone. It increases the cost of manufacturing and complicates the supply chain management system. When it comes to updates, OEMs are forced to develop various updates for the same phone but for...
  15. Nyamgondho

    Climate change and the Ice Age: The perspective of Nyamgondho wuod Kombare backed by facts

    We already know that the earth is currently in the quaternary glaciation period or what people call the "Ice age" a term that has been butchered by that Hollywood movie. A glaciation period has alternating glacial (Baridi na barafu) and interglacial (joto) periods. The last glacial period in...
  16. Nyamgondho

    Phone chargers and an explanation on fast charging, QC 3.0 an QC 4.0: From Nyamgondho wuod Ombare

    So today, I have some time in my hands so let me explain to talkers about phone chargers along with a few concepts relating to the same. When buying a phone, it is important to get one with Quick charge 3.0 or 4.0. For me in 2019 I can only touch devices with QC 4+ First what is quick charge...
  17. Nyamgondho

    Kununua shoka over the counter

    Hakuna mtu hununua shoka without an intention of doing some heavy work especially within a farm setting. Hii kitu hutumiwa kuangusha Eucalyptus na Grevillea. It's power tool equivalent ni power saw. Hata haipatikani everywhere ni kwa hardware tu. Na pia uko they sell just a few units in a year...
  18. Nyamgondho

    Redmi 7

    So today Xiaomi Launched the Redmi 7 which will be priced at $105. It's a mediocre device at best and is far worse than the Redmi note 5. Anyway, the reason I have put this up is not to celebrate a mediocre device but to castigate fuckers like @tall mnyama everywhere and @Deez Nuts among others...
  19. Nyamgondho

    Sometimes mutu hufikiria

    Yesterday, went to some local which happens to be some common club for mido-class guys and ordered some whisky as I listened to old-school hip hop. I chose to sit next to some dudes to avoid kungurus and just relax.. Lakini in after 30 mins those guys were joined by some kungurus wakaongeza viti...
  20. Nyamgondho

    World Affairs have now dominated our news section. Attn: All mods/Admin

    It's absolutely shameful that world-news especially those relating to the UK and US have dominated our news section for the last few months. I sympathize with any Kenyan living in the Diaspora who logs-in to this site hoping to find some local news only to be greeted by news of their domiciled...