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  1. tall mnyama everywhere

    Shocks and Coil springs.

    I will bet you my left nut that if I was given an option between the two, I would go for new parts.
  2. tall mnyama everywhere

    Kong Vs. Godzilla (2021)

    :D:D:D:D:D afadhali udanganywe na kitu inaaminika
  3. tall mnyama everywhere

    18+ Single mother matako kubwa, EISH!!

    Huyu ni wa kufikisha threshold alafu unaingia mitini
  4. tall mnyama everywhere


    Is Meru a funny tribe?
  5. tall mnyama everywhere


    Story za twitter zinakuanga hekaya za abunuwasi
  6. tall mnyama everywhere

    eye cleanser

  7. tall mnyama everywhere

    Stereotyping people

    Mexicans aint latinos..ooopps Mexico is in North Americs
  8. tall mnyama everywhere


    There is this behaviour I have noticed has been happening. Someone boards a plane and goes abroad for 2-3 years to study or maybe work etc. When he returns to Kenya he wants you to treat and worship him like he is some kind of god. He wants you to stop what you are doing and start sucking his...
  9. tall mnyama everywhere

    Shocks and Coil springs.

    Poa sana chief
  10. tall mnyama everywhere

    Explicit My weekend

    Hii labda hata ni miguuu yako umepaka cutex ndo ukuje kubrag ati ulikuwa unakamuana
  11. tall mnyama everywhere

    Shocks and Coil springs.

    Sasa ununue gari ex japan alafu pia spare parts ununue ex japan. Namna gani wewe. Buy new spare parts.
  12. tall mnyama everywhere

    Why is this country so utterly irrelevant on the world scene?

    Empires rise and fall. Remember the Roman Empire?? It rose and fell with a thud. Its a normal occurrence but then be grateful Spain didnt colonize Africa because if it did your black ass wouldnt be existing anymore. Africa would be full of mestizos, mulattos and Europeans. Spain was brutal in...
  13. tall mnyama everywhere

    Faiba 4G now supports eSIM

    Is there any other cheaper bundles than Faiba.? Na usiniambie ile 30GB ya 1k ya Telkom..siezi nunua bundles na unipimie vile nafaa kutumia.
  14. tall mnyama everywhere

    Explicit Some randoms. Mecho zing'are

    Huyo wa mwisho looks like some kunguru I used to f**k oftenly pale rico nikiwa downtown.
  15. tall mnyama everywhere

    Working for Andela vs Safaricom.

    Safaricom for some exposure. Case closed
  16. tall mnyama everywhere

    UFC 257 main event

    Connor is a loudmouth but he is good for business.
  17. tall mnyama everywhere

    Somerset 2011

  18. tall mnyama everywhere

    Faiba 4G now supports eSIM

    Now you know. Anyway you learn something new everyday Hapana. Faiba iko affordable boss. Haiezi kuwa mora affordable than it is currently. I think @Electronics4u meant that Faiba lately has been crappy. Hata mimi nilikuwa nikitumia Faiba. Pre corona last year hapo March, April it was good. Saa...
  19. tall mnyama everywhere

    eye cleanser

  20. tall mnyama everywhere

    Faiba 4G now supports eSIM

    Peasant detected. iPhone 11 and 12 support dual sim