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    sonko hataki upus tena

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    Chinese hate for foreigners

    read a book jap the giant killer, vita yao ilianza kitambo, second world war ilikuwa summit tu , hao ni permanent enemies .
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    Chinese hate for foreigners

    if the brits recovered from the roman brutal rule, even Africans at some point e shall overcome maybe in the next two or 3 centuries
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    Courageous pastor slams Uhuru

    the priest was on point but kila mtu amekata where it suits their narrative, here is another part for the other teeam
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    expression of interest

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    ZUKU Wifi

    been on zuku for 6 years, no issue. I guess most providers depend on area, some areas have no issues others ni crap connection, even safcom fibre has the same problem
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    Armed Car Thief Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

    serves him right,
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    Massage parlour timam CBD

    if you can't hit it raw, it's not worth it
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    Raila is in Govt and has been Uhuru Chief Adviser-Uhuru said it

    the most boring part is that both sides claim to have numbers in parliament but no one has bothered to pass any law to shield Kenyans from high taxes, juzi they ganged up and pushed taxes up. sahi 100 bob can't buy you bread and milk, instead of Kenyans looking at such issues, we're still...
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    Raila is in Govt and has been Uhuru Chief Adviser-Uhuru said it

    siasa haitaki feelings,
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    Mumekubali hii mawaidha ama ni takartakar

    true for teenagers ni sawa, a teenage girl asking a teenage boy that question is o.k., but a grown ass woman ni straight upus, hata hiyo ya " a.m. I fat?" deserves a straight up answer yes or if you're polite you tell her she needs to reduce.
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    the only shameless that's worth watching ni the Gallaghers,
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    Women are their biggest enemies. This lady always so bitter and full of bile...

    lupita was right about balala lying they've been trying to reach her for 5 years, lupita didn't mock balala but rather said the truth, nothing wrong with her tweet.
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    Nobody Will Ever Answer This Question Satisfactorily

    colonialists never really left Africa, I was shocked to learn that france never tested any nuclear weapons on it's soil, they did in Algeria, . unless africans gets real independence, and begin to believe in ourselves, we'll continue being a dumping ground. the Brits left on their own...
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    no escaping reality

    campaigns will be very interesting
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    So Koki (the lawyer murdered by a Nigerian guy) was married!

    yawa they are still kids, prostitutes have kids too and the kids don't view them badly but view them the same way you view your mom. THEY NEED THERMAL IMAGE SINCE Definition OF KUNGURU IN THIS FORUM IS DIFFRENT FROM WHAT THEY LEARN IN SCHOOL
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    You Only Need 60 Grams Of Protein Per Day, Kukula Nyama 1000 Grams In One Sitting Muache

    upus , most african tribes diets consist of blood, milk and meat, wengine ni raw meat, . na watu wako sawa, na kukula nikumaliza unless your financial staus iko chini.
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    fixing baba

    but Gideon hata baringo peke ni very hard for him to win anything anymore