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  1. riskey

    AliExpress orders

    Are the orders coming through, or should I wait for another month before making a purchase?
  2. riskey

    Palm oil & Coconut oil

    What are the going prices for virgin palm oil and coconut oil? Where can I get the oils? 20 litres plus.
  3. riskey

    Personal lessons - 2018

    The year is coming to a close. In the 12 months life has happened and you have come to learn / appreciate a few things on an individual level. These are mine; Regardless of your predicament, it always gets better with time. Wake up every morning with a plan to succeed. God above all else. This...
  4. riskey


    Wanakijiji. Is there a video console for aerobics na ni pesa ngapi?
  5. riskey

    Home Library

    Am thinking of starting a book library in my house. Suggest any good reads in any of the following categories. Hard copy only. Encyclopedias History Biographies Autobiographies Comics Journals Self help Health Guide Travel Asante.
  6. riskey

    Wataalum wa magari (machanica)

    I have a problem with a turbocharged diesel engine. Engine stops when gear is engaged. Now when turbo is disengaged from throttle and gear engaged, it's moving. Return turbo and engage gear, it does not complete the ignition process. Disengage turbo, start car and return turbo then engage gear...
  7. riskey

    Electronic DL

    My DL expires some time in March. I want to renew but get the electronic one. Ecitizen does not have the option of applying for the new one. What's the process? Who has managed to get it?
  8. riskey

    Monkey Trader

    How can narrate the story of the monkey Trader. Saidia please. Need to narrate it to my kids.
  9. riskey

    Engine swap

    Am planning on swapping a diesel engine on a Toyota townace Noah with a petrol engine. Watalamu was magari, which petrol engine should I install?
  10. riskey


    With the directive that approx 20% of the products from EPZ should be sold to Kenyans. Can I go to there and buy clothes ama I have to wait for their expos.
  11. riskey

    Toyota Noah Boot Door

    Am looking for a boot door for this old model Toyota Noah. Where can I get one.
  12. riskey

    Highway CCTV Cameras

    Saidia ndugu. How can someone access footage from the installed CCTV cameras on our roads. Who do you contact? How much does it cost? Some jamaa knocked my car in full view of the cameras but ameruka take yote. Was saved by an alcoblow test.
  13. riskey


    My car's turbo is passing oil to the exhaust side. Most companies that service turbos charge between 30-50K. A turbo service kit costs less than 5K. Who knows a good mechanic who can install the wornout seals? Which is the best japanese online store where I can get genuine service kit?
  14. riskey

    Weekend Manenos - Tembea Kenya.

    Talkers. Once in a while we get away from the city and the major towns just to appreciate what Kenya has. If you find yourself in Naivasha. Tafadhali, visit Olkaria geothermal spa. 35 kms from Naivasha town. Location: Hells gate <500m from the Olkaria gate>. Hell's gate entrance = 350/-...
  15. riskey

    POS Software

    Hi Talkers, Am looking for a free POS that can run on windows XP. I don't want quick books and those in softonic, cnet & soft112 are not working perfectly.
  16. riskey


    A friend of mine got arrested by NTSA of friday. Question: What would happen if I refused to take the alcoblow test? What would I be charged with and how much?
  17. riskey

    Car Engine Required

    Am looking for a toyota engine 3C-TE. Would really appreciate any leads.
  18. riskey

    GPS Navigator

    Anyone know where I can buy a Gps navigator (tom tom or garmin) preloaded with Kenyan maps