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  1. Bozo

    Using AC subwoofer on 12 DC battery

    Hi everyone,nauliza if possible nitumie woofer yangu na battery direct.
  2. Bozo

    For Laughs

  3. Bozo

    What made Uncles "Bad"?

    As I was growing up I came to believe that my uncle hate me for no reason... But now nmekuwa uncle wa mtu na nmejua ni kwanini? Imagine some f**king niggah anajaza your sisters mimba,mzigo inarudi home and you have nothing to do but help. Ukijaribu kupiga hesabu vile unagharamkia...
  4. Bozo

    Oily Land a.k.a Turkland

  5. Bozo

    Tutembee Turkana

  6. Bozo

    Rooting Nokia 3

    Which is the safest way of rooting Nokia 3 with minimal danger of bricking?
  7. Bozo

    Mood swings ya Wanawake

    There is this chick nilifaulu kuweka box late November last year. All was well until recently ameanza upuz based on nothing particularly. Early March Tuli mute-iana for about a week bcoz of unanswered phone call. Some days back nimempigia simu tukabonga poa then suddenly ananishow and I...
  8. Bozo

    My Horoscope; Gemini

    Kuna kauchawi fulani kanukuanga kwa hizi vitu ama?
  9. Bozo

    18+ The f**k that is Erectile dysfunction

    Imagine kunguru imejileta baada ya kumkimbiza for some months.Full erection ii muda yote only to die nikipanuliwa. Haki my villagers mnisaidie, how can I curb this problem. Kunguru imenichekea tu na kuniambia nisijali. I felt useless mbele yake. Help a brother pliz nione kama...
  10. Bozo

    I love Africans

    Africans are Renovators
  11. Bozo

    Afandes:Behind the Scenes

  12. Bozo

    Proud to be a Kenyan

    99% of Kenya is PEACEFUL the other 1% choose to be PIECEFUL. Let us embrace peace.
  13. Bozo

    Face of Hunger

    I counted his ribs, One... two... three... Oh!... I can’t! Scarcely scattered yellowish hair, Staring and tired sunken eyes, Is there something to eat? They seem to ask. Wiry limbs. Never ending growling 'kwarshiorkored' stomach, Co-ordinate with the exhausted brain, To imagine a lump...
  14. Bozo

    Jilted Bozo

    Dear Ann(Apple of my eye), Hello there? I think it is years since I wrote to you.You may think it is a long time but I don't like hanging around somebody's wife. Also I hav been busy reconstructing my love life after your unnoticable departure. This round I don't have pressing...
  15. Bozo

    History and Government

    ... is taught in secondary school. Coz I was bozo enough not to catch up with the teacher hii subject sikushika vizuri. That is not the case by the way. Now there is 'NO' presidentse how and who is responsible of running the government. In case of emergency, international reprensentation.
  16. Bozo

    Kuuliza si ujinga

    Mabingwa, how do you upload media files? Although na click 'upload a file' hainipeleki kwa 'choose file'. Am using Opera mini beta Browser... Mkifauli kunisaidia nitawasafisha macho....
  17. Bozo

    Sunday best Villagers

    Niliacha kuenda kanisani due to personal reasons. Hata hivyo wale wanaenda kanisani watuombee. Halafu hii tabia ya kubaguana tuache, kanisa lingine linajiona liko superior kuliko lingine. Na wale wanaenda kanisani wanadharau wale hawaendi, especially 'ex church goers', najua MUNGU...
  18. Bozo

    High school throwback

    Next week watoto watarudi shule, if you are in this forum and wewe bado ni student, my advice is SOMA KWA BIDII. CANDIDATES I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST. Hata hivyo lemme take you nearly a decade back. Sijui niseme we're lucky enough to be pioneers of a certain secondary school. Ama ju...
  19. Bozo

    Hekaya za Bozo

    It was a wonderful morning. The breakfast, cold tea with two slices of kenblest bread,taken at 5 am, you can not survive hunger pangs before sunrise. Lucky dudes who manage to hustle an extra block the evening b4 are the ones who, at least, survive it. Morning parade follows forth with...
  20. Bozo

    18+ Majaribio

    I hav a cruch on petite ladies, tumatiti kiasi, mwili kadogo ukikunjas inakujinga. So kuna haka ka matha apa, watoi watatu na bado ako na looks ya 16yrs old girl ...I rarely see her husband. Mm nmefungua ka retail hapo kando so this Mama ni frenquent customer na sometimes anachukua vitu on...